Newest Kosher Brew: Jewbelation Eleven

Shmaltz Brewing Company is Dedicated to Crafting Delicious Beer and Delicious Shtick… L’Chaim!

The quirky little brewery that originated in San Francisco, Shmaltz Brewing Company, has a new brew, Jewbelation Eleven.

Established in 1996 by Jeremy Cowen, Shmaltz has delivered a very nice assortment of niche brews for the kosher drinking Jew. Carrie at the Beer Pirate writes:

Jeremy Cowan is a Jew that means business. Well, acutally, that doesn’t make him the exception. I happen to know a lot of Jews that mean business. But Jeremy Cowan is a Jew that means business in beer. I don’t happen to know any Jews like that. Jeremy started Shmaltz brewery in order to give Jews a microbrew. These suckers are kosher, which is handy (I mean, if you do kosher and all)! So let’s see how kosher beer tastes as we sample Smaltz brewery’s He-Brew beer – Messiah Bold.

Another review from Not PC loves the beer and the schtick of Shmaltz:

Here’s something we haven’t seen before: Jewish beer. Specifically He’Brew: The Chosen Beer, along with as many bad puns and Jewish double-entendres as you could poke a matzoh ball at, starting with …

This is a brewing company that promises everything from Creation to Evolution, from Revelation to Inebriation. In other words, the works! I have no idea at all what the beer tastes like, although Rate Beer rates the new Jewbilation Eleven–“the most extreme Chanukah beer ever created”–very highly, and as marketing goes this stuff sure tickles the funny bone.

Shmaltz has been extremely successful, according to the Beer Advocate, Shmatlz has reached over 550% in growth in four years:


Projected annual sales for 2008 estimated at over $1.5 million: New Beers, New Faces, New Production

San Francisco, New York, Beyond! – January 30, 2008 America’s smallest Jewish beer company, Shmaltz Brewing Company is proud to announce achieving over 550% growth in the last four years (2003-2007). With projected annual sales for the coming 2008 estimated at over $1.5 million, Shmaltz Brewing is no longer a one-man operation of sole proprietor Jeremy Cowan. With such substantial growth, selling over three million bottles to date, the company recently expanded to five full-time employees and will nationally launch in late Spring 2008 its new line of Coney Island Lagers.

According to Milechai, the big brewers have taken an interest in going kosher:

Miller’s Beer has become the second major brewery to go kosher. The Milwaukee based beer received the certification of the OK Laboratories in May. Miller’s joins Coors (OU) as the two major beers to feature kosher symbols. Reports that Anheuser-Busch would take its Budweiser kosher proved to be premature as negotiations between the company and the OU continue. OU officials and confident the kosher certification would be fronted soon.

Kudos to Shmaltz Brewery. First class products, a great sense of humor and a shining example of American entrepreneuralism.
Source – Schmaltz


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


One response to “Newest Kosher Brew: Jewbelation Eleven

  1. Hey there. This is Zak Davis from Shmaltz Brewing Company. Thanks so much for the rocking shoutout. We’ve been having a great time with all elements of our beer; marketing it, selling it, drinking it. Jewbelation 12 is amazing this year so make sure to grab a bottle and get down with yo bad self. L’Chaim!!

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