John Edwards Scandal: DBKP Looking for Tipsters

Edwards confesses for real this time


Tell us about it!

John Edwards, he of the “Two Americas” campaign, has already offered up two confessions: one on August 8, 2008, when he confessed to an affair with Rielle Hunter; and, another on January 10, 2008, in which he confessed paternity of Frances Quinn Hunter–in direct contradiction to his earlier confession.

Are there still further confessions for Edwards to make?

Such as, how was Hunter’s living expenses–and they weren’t cheap, what with being flown by private jets across (and out of) the country–paid and what money was used to pay them?

DBKP is adding to its extensive timeline of the Edwards’ scandal and is inviting readers who came in contact with John Edwards, or any of the others involved in the Scandal, to share their personal accounts of all contacts they may have had; e.g., at book signings, town halls, campaign events, in hotels, at the grocery store, etc.

Readers’ accounts may be left in the comments section of this article or, if its preferred, sent by email to

While the information unveiled in two recent books–John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s Game Change and Andrew Young’s The Politician–have shed some light on a few of the details, we have reason to believe that some of those details still are fuzzy.

That’s why we’re asking for a little help from our readers. There’s still a grand jury out there and there’s still a bit of history to be written in the Scandal. We’re looking for help.

On many occasions throughout the Scandal, our readers have steered us in the right direction with a mix of tips, background information and investigative work.

It was a tip by one of our readers which informed us that Rielle Hunter was staying in a house owned by ex-NBA player, Eric Montross. The tip was checked out and proved valuable.

Over 170 DBKP articles on the John Edwards affair, scandal and cover-up: John Edwards Love Child Scandal Library of Stories

Another reader tipped us in May 2008 to the fact that Hunter was no longer in North Carolina and had been moved to California. Several readers made valuable contributions as members of our “crack research department.”

We are deeply thankful for our readers’ tips–and now appeal to readers to share any other contacts during the last five years with any of the principles in the Scandal.

Of course, we’ll keep all information as confidential as is desired by the tipster. Just indicate to us whether you want credit or not. Our default position is that we never reveal anything about our tipsters.

Thanks in advance and let’s see what we turn up!

by Mondo Frazier
image: DBKP file
Have a tip? Post a comment on our original article at DBKP: John Edwards Scandal: DBKP Once More Looking for Tipsters

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3 responses to “John Edwards Scandal: DBKP Looking for Tipsters

  1. If he can’t stay faithful to his vows to his wife, how can he ever be trusted while in office. I say impeach Edwards!

  2. John Edwards, George Bush under attacks and OJ goes free, Sunny Huston and side kick Rob, Rob is a very likable guy and Sunny you are a nice person but your comments, body language and questions are putrid, your comments on the iraq war, your comment on Bush saying mission accomplished while on aircraft carrier and mocking his choice of words, I have seen Obama say some dumb ass remarks etc., Da, Bush was referring to taking done the elite army and breaking the serpents back. Then you making your own personal comments, should we of been there anyway. Hey keep your opinions to yourself just report the news we will make up our own minds on should we be there or not, got it. I wouldn’t mind comments if they were not so politically designed. Sunny went wild on some issues like mistress moving into the home of John Edwards, Wow I think Sunny has a higher opinion of her self then we the people. She really went Ballistic, put a Damn. Mussel on her ABC. Hey let Rob the smarter one be in charge of this team.

  3. John Edwards, Gary Hart, Herman Cain, many others have bit the immorality bullet. Just think if someone comes forward with proof Obama had a Questionable event in his life, wow you would be immortalized. I listen to the liberal media cut down people every day so if they can run stories cut story’s change position on stories attack people then find out they are innocent, why can’t we sue them like LOWE’S is be sued and under attack, Go LOWE’S. I want report breaking news, ABC reported the water fowl landing in a Walmart parking lot killing many birds, it was raining and it appeared to be a body if water. We need to do one of several things. 1. File suit against Walmart, or file suit against concrete company who poured the parking lot or maybe we need to file suit against God for the bad weather and his putting the materials to make concrete possible. I realize this sounds ridiculous but many of the suits being filed, Lowe’s pulling ad, hot coffee Mcdonald’s law suit, NAACP represents some ridiculous law suits. I should file a law suit when a Black news man on CBS reorted the shark attack on a white guy, he stated I bet when he bit the surf board and missed the guy T. B. Stated where’s the Cremefilling, creme is white. Now do I have a racial case NAACP. Listen people I could persue this but it would be laughed at, now that is a racial claim in my mind because if a white news reporter had made a statement “where’s the chocolate fudge” you can bet your ass the NAACP be involved and a suit filed. This is how these groups stay in business, from dumb ass stupid shit. When are we going to move on and realize you can’t make all people fit your mold of political design, well I guess Hitler, Stalin and others tried, wow is that Where we are being taken by the czars special groups of the obama clan, are we being pushed to confrontation manipulation by our government officials.

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