Tiger Woods Affairs: Tiger Paid for Rachel Uchitel Australia Trip

More on Tiger Woods Affairs: Tiger Paid for Rachel Uchitel’s Trip to Australia

Tiger Woods Affairs: Rachel Uchitel, Jaime Grubbs
NO WONDER Elin Nordegren Woods was Angry


[ABOVE: Tiger Woods has to be concerned by this latest news coming out about him paying for Rachel Uchitel to be with him.]

Tiger Woods has had more than one mistress, we learned yesterday from Jaime Grubb, but now we learn that he kept them in style.

Big Smoking Gun this morning from the National Enquier! Tiger Woods paid for Rachel Uchitel’s trip to Australia to be with him.

That’s a hard one for the golfer known as “Mr. Private to explain away!


Tiger Woods booked and paid for Rachel Uchitel’s travel fare to rendezvous with him in Australia in November, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Despite being linked to Tiger in a cheating scandal, the hard partying Uchitel’s web of lies and contradictions were ripped apart line by line by The ENQUIRER yesterday and now US Weekly in an independent investigation confirmed key elements of the cheating scandal in their new edition.

Elin Nordegren Woods isn’t gonna like this.

And no one has asked Jaime Grubbs, the other “other woman” how she thinks about it either.

UPDATES in the works…check back within the hour.

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Tiger Woods always was a stickler for privacy. It was always supposed that it was because he was a “private person”. But perhaps it was for other, more “practical” reasons?

So, Tiger’s problems really are growing daily.

You have to feel for his wife, former model Elin Nordegren Woods, and their two children.

You even have to feel for Tiger Woods: if he had sat down and had done a risk-reward ratio on having an affair, one wonders how he could have proceeded.

The #1 Golfer in the World is worth, according to Forbes, almost $1 billion.

That’s a lot of loot to fight over.

For rest of STORY, BACKGROUND and UPDATES: Tiger Woods Affairs: Woods Paid for Rachel Uchitel Australia Trip

One response to “Tiger Woods Affairs: Tiger Paid for Rachel Uchitel Australia Trip

  1. I’m not surprised to hear that Tiger has paid for things for his mistresses… That’s how whores work! Guys give them money, “get theirs”, and then the whore goes away until she is needed again!

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