Tiger Woods Affair: Another Woman Surfaces; Rachel Uchitel Smackdown


ORIGINAL STORY and UPDATES at Tiger Woods Affair: Another Other Woman

* Tiger Woods Affair: Rachel Uchitel Exposed as Other Woman in Cheating Scandal
* Tiger Woods: Affairs, Fights, SUV Crashes and Wife with a Golf Club -UPDATED


New allegations about more women who’ve had affairs with golfer, Tiger Woods, are surfacing. One woman, Jaime Grubbs, says she has proof–and plenty of it–in the form of text messages, phone messages and pictures.

Uh oh.

Can you say “Two-Timin’ Tiger”?

Meanwhile, the Rachel Unchitel-Enquirer Celebrity Cage Match continues: TIGER ‘GIRL’ DENIAL RIPPED APART – – POINT BY POINT!!!.

Uchitel, whom the Enquirer named the “other woman” in the Tiger Woods’ affair, gave an interview denying the Enquirer’s charges–and the Enquirer has just answered her denials, ripping them apart and making her look kinda silly.

Following are just four of the contradictions that the Enquirer presents in their demolition of Uchitel’s story.

Here’s what she says and what we REALLY know:

1. Rachel – who calls our story “ridiculous” with “not a word of it true” – says: “I offered to take a lie-detector test.”

In fact, it was The ENQUIRER who asked Rachel to take a polygraph but she refused!

2. Without stating her name, Rachel attacks her friend Ashley Samson – who is quoted by name in The ENQUIRER, and is one of the multiple sources who passed a polygraph about Rachel’s claims of an affair with Tiger.

Rachel tells The Post that Ashley “is not even a friend of mine.” Rachel previously told another New York City newspaper that she didn’t even know her last name.

However, Rachel took Ashley with her to Spain recently as a close party pal – and The ENQUIRER has even published candid photos of them together on our Web site.

3. Rachel says she has never even spoken to Tiger on the phone – and told the Post she talked about Tiger in a phone call to someone else.

But Ashley and other sources passed polygraph tests about hearing Rachel speak to Tiger on the phone in romantic conversations and Ashley told us, “She got several phone calls from him (Tiger), and I recognized his voice. It’s very distinctive.”

4. Rachel makes a point of trying to dump on our source by claiming Ashley “passed out from too many Quaaludes.”

We find it ironic that Rachel raises drug use.

What she doesn’t bring up is her own appetite for using prescription pills to enhance her sex life.

STAR magazine reports that Rachel admitted to a friend that she likes to take prescription pills “because you have crazier sex.”

There more–a lot more–at the link. The Enquirer says that there’s “even more” in their print edition, slated to hit newstands in big cities tomorrow in the AM.


TMZ is reporting that there’s more than one woman in Tiger Woods’ past that might haunt him: Jaime Grubbs.

Continue reading: Tiger Woods Affair: Another Other Woman


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