Dazzle White Teeth Whitener Scam: “Free Trial” Turns into Big Bucks Credit Card Bills

Dazzle White Customers Beware: Better Business Bureaus Getting Complaints over Company’s “Free Trial” Tactics

Customers Shocked to Discover High Credit Card Charges after “Signing up” for “Free Trial”, Unable to Get Refunds, Forced to Cancel Bank, Credit Cards

“Revolutionary Breakthrough” in Scamming Customers?

We caught this story at the Galveston County The Daily News where numerous complaints have been filed at local Better Business Bureaus after customers complained about being charged up to $150, plus a $50 “monthly” fee for a “free trial”.

From the Daily News:

Better Business Bureau offices across the country are being bombarded with thousands of complaints from consumers like Brown, most of whom said they thought they were signing up for a free trial. Those consumers are telling Better Business Bureau officials their credit or debit cards are being billed before the trial ends and, in some cases, are billed after they have told the company they want to cancel.

Along with Dazzle Smile, other names behind the teeth-whitening ads include White Smile, Teeth Smile, Ivory White, Celebrity White Teeth, Ultra Cleanse Plus and others, according to the Better Business Bureau.

The Daily Mail has more info on Dazzle Smile, who does business as Just Think Media, and Premier Whitening. And, on their “terms and conditions”. Even so, DM found where one customer was billed after she declined to give a credit card to get the free trial. DM also has tips on what “red flags” consumers should look for, such as contact info and “reading the fine print”.


We did some further research and found where someone had posted a question about Dazzle White at Yahoo Answers, and the comments where customers stated they had been unable to get refunds, stop the company from billing them, and had to cancel their credit or bank card.

Read more at Dazzle White Teeth Whitener Scam: “Free Trial” Turns into Big Bucks Credit Card Bills

by LBG


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