Casey Anthony: Bombshell Evidence of Secret Witness

Enquirer Reporting Cops Have Secret Eye Witness Who May Have Seen Casey Carrying Bundle into Woods

Photo retrieved from Casey Anthony’s Photobucket account dated June 3, 2008

The National Enquirer is reporting that the Orlando cops may have a secret eye witness in the Casey Anthony case, a witness who saw Casey on the afternoon of June 16, the last day Caylee was seen alive. According to the Enquirer the witness, a passing motorist, saw Casey leaving her parked car by the side of the road then entering a wooded area with a bundle “possibly the size of a trash bag” in Casey’s arms.

Even more significant, the time the motorist purportedly saw the woman, whom the witness purportedly identified as Casey Anthony, was sometime between 3 and 4 pm.

Also, the police, who, after tracking Casey’s cell phone records, theorize Casey returned with Caylee to the Anthony home after her father George Anthony had left for work at around 2:30. Authorities believe Casey tried to kill Caylee in the swimming pool then got “cold feet”:

“After not going through with killing Caylee in the backyard, Casey took to driving aimlessly around in what police believe was her attempt to look for a secluded wooded area to murder the child.”

What else did the ‘secret witness’ see?

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by LBG


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