John Edwards Affair: Rielle Hunter’s Family Challenges Edwards to Paternity Test

Edwards Casts Aspersions at More than the Enquirer during ABC Interview

John Edwards
Edwards to Big Media: “Okay, you can talk about it now.”

[hat tip: dossier]

John Edwards has now officially been put on notice.

The family of Rielle Hunter wants Edwards to put up or shut up.

UPDATES to follow at the end of story, throughout August 9, 2008.
UPDATE #1 – 1345 EDT August 9 2008 – Class Action?
UPDATE #2 – 14:55 EDT – Better Psychics
UPDATE #3 – 15:35 -AP Tries to Explain to Readers Why were Kept in the dark Until Edwards gave his approval & The Readers Speak
UPDATE #4: 15:48 EDT – NE’s Perel Fires Back at Edwards
UPDATE #5: 16:25 EDT – Mainstream Media PR “news” departments work overtime

During his televised interview, the ex-presidential candidate painted everyone, including his unnamed mistress Rielle Hunter, as somehow sinister. Edwards, caught leaving the Beverly Hilton after a meeting with the Enquirer’s reporters on July 22, also took shots at unnamed “supermarket tabloids.”

The Enquirer published its response to Edwards by labeling his interview a “confession”. [JOHN EDWARDS ADMITS AFFAIR!]

As far as being the father of Hunter’s love child, you might as well go all the way now, Johnny Boy.

Submit to a DNA test.

Now, ABC News is reporting that the Mistress’ Family Challenges Edwards to Take DNA Test.

Hunter’s sister, Melissa, has been reported by ABC News in an Enquirer-type sub-headline as saying, “‘Stop Bad-Mouthing My Sister'”.


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ABC also quoted Hunter’s sister as saying, “Somebody must stand up and defend my sister.

“I wish that those involved would refrain from bad-mouthing my sister,”–not naming Edwards, in the same way he avoided naming Rielle Hunter in his ABC appearance.

“Ironically, now, its John Edwards who’s the one making allegations,” wrote one reader, “without offering any more proof than his word–and he’s shown how much we can all trust that.”

UPDATE #1: 1345 EDT Class Action against Edwards?

Ted Frank at Overlawyered wonders, “Where’s a trial lawyer when you need one?” [Yes, I’m being facetious]:

Where’s the trial lawyer bringing a class action on behalf of all of the people who were defrauded when they gave money to John Edwards’s presidential campaign? It’s certainly a much more plausible claim of causation, reliance, and financial injury than the typical class action.

If Frank were the prosecutor in the court of public opinion, Edwards’ interview would get 30 days in the electric chair.

“Alas, ABC didn’t ask the right follow-up questions, such as how Edwards thought meeting Hunter in a hotel room would help keep the story quiet.”

Frank has other penetrating questions for Edwards. We’ll let him present them.

UPDATES 2-6 and later at
John Edwards Scandal: Sister Asks Edwards to Stop Bad-mouthing Rielle Hunter – UPDATED

by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards Scandal: Sister Asks Edwards to Stop Bad-mouthing Rielle Hunter – UPDATED


3 responses to “John Edwards Affair: Rielle Hunter’s Family Challenges Edwards to Paternity Test

  1. Hmmmm……so John Edwards thinks he’s off the hook!!! I’ll bet half of his interview on Nightline was a lie. You know darn well that he had sex with Rielle Hunter the last time in Beverly Hills…and, now he’s lying about holding up his new baby girl in the National Enquirer photo….this guy is just a pathological liar!!! It’s so rare to see one on tape! John Edwards doesn’t have to agree to a paternity test….the child support judge is going to demand it. Get busy!!

    Now, for all you John Edwards supporters who are let down…what in the hell were you thinking? Couldn’t you spot this phony the second you saw him? I did. Edwards made his money suing doctors!!!!! He is a professional liar….just like Obama!!! You’re all smucks!!!

  2. Obviously Obama knew about the allegations against Edwards for a long time. If Obama didn’t, then he’s a dope! So, right up until Friday, Edwards was still on the short list for VP.

    Yes, this whole “affair” shows that Obama is stupid and needs a better vetting team for the VP spot!

  3. Gitmo which is horrendously old news will likely get more news coverage over the next two years than the Edwards story will, because leftists would rather attack their own country over and over and over and over than make a single one of their own accountable for anything.

    Liberals will be in downplay mode, eager to get back to trashing their own country – saying:

    “Poor Edwards’ family. They must really be hurting right now. Now let’s get back to talking about how horrible America is…and how Conservatives are to blame – never minding the fact that liberals have been in control of congress for how long?.”

    That is the difference….

    When a conservative messes up, other conservatives pressure the idiot out of whatever office they hold or hope to hold. Conservatives don’t start making excuses, yipping again about 6 year old stories designed to announce to the world how much they hate their country.

    When a liberal lies, cheats, pays off a mistress and insults others in the process – well then liberals immediately go into all the reasons why it’s no big deal.

    Well here’s a news flash for the wild eyed, protest giddy leftist who seems to think this isn’t a big deal….. this story is not going away in a week.. or two… or three….Why?

    Because Edwards is STILL lying about half the story… Just like a typical liberal, he lies even when he “supposedly” is coming clean. Of course Clinton really said it best – it all depends on what the definition of “is” is…… l

    Danny Vice

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