Scientology – Anonymous CyberWars: The YouTube Battle


Recently DBKP wrote of the Cyber-War being waged between the mysterious groups known as Anonymous and the Church of Scientology. When we went to find Scientology’s take on Anonymous, whether the organization had issued any statements or the like regarding their sworn enemy, we came across the remants of a video battle waged on Youtube. From what we observed, one side managed to “eviscerate” the other in plain cyber-site.

Scientology had issued a statement to Newsweek, calling Anonymous “a group of cyber-terrorists… perpetrating religious hate crimes against the Churches of Scientology and individual Scientologists for no reason other than religious bigotry“.

In the Newsweek article an Anonymous spokesperson said the group, hardly a cyber-terrorist act, had “plans to start a lobbying campaign to have the church stripped of its 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, which was reinstated in 1993. (In 1967, tax authorities revoked its tax-exemption status on the grounds that the organization’s auditing scheme operated as Hubbard’s personal for-profit venture, and in 1984 the U.S. Tax Court found the organization guilty of “manufacturing and falsifying records to present to the IRS, burglarizing IRS offices and stealing government documents, and subverting government processes for unlawful purposes.”) ” Source – Newsweek

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* ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Vow to Destroy Scientology
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* Charges Dropped Against British Youth Who Called Scientology A Cult
* Scientology: Never Recognized by UK as Religion, Cops Bust Kid for Calling it a Cult

According to ABC News, Scientology chose to fight back “with its own public relations onslaught, releasing a recent video titled “Anonymous Exposed,” which claims to identify individuals it said were members of the group and accuses them of being accessories to criminal acts that include death threats and destruction of property.”

Church spokeswoman Karin Pouw added that the church is “working with federal and local law enforcement.”[The video] summarizes our position.”
Source – ABC News: Scientology’s Anonymous Critics: Who are they?

Read the rest, watch the videos and see if you can spot the hacks at

Scientology – Anonymous CyberWars: The YouTube Battle

Source: Scientology – Anonymous CyberWars: The YouTube Battle


2 responses to “Scientology – Anonymous CyberWars: The YouTube Battle

  1. I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous at war with the notorious Scientology corporation? No. That isn’t a war. That’s a slaughter. A war is where all sides have some means of fighting back, and in this battle, Anonymous has no equal — the Scientology corporation have no weapons of defense or offense with which to participate. They have to sit back like a bunch of insane criminal bitches and take what Anonymous dishes out, and it’s all fine, I must say.

    Now when the notoriously criminal Scientology corporation was assulting the free speech rights of individuals on the Internet in the ARSCC (which does not exist) _THAT_ was indfeed a war, one that the crime syndicate soundly and profoundly _LOST_ thanks to the fact that the people on alt.religion.scientology were engaged in their lawful, civially protected rights.

    Anonymous is taking out the Scientology crime syndicate, and they’re doing it right: lawfully and with humor, creativity, pinache. Anonymous is doing the job that law enforcement and governments are supposed to be doing by working to dismantle organized crime.

    Thanks to the efforts of the ARSCC (wdne) and now Anonymous, Scientology has retained at most some 40,000 remaining customers world wide. Scientology business offices are closing around the world and revenues have virtually stopped — aside from the millions that insane Hollywood morons contonue to pump out to keep the criminal enterprise afloat.

    In response Scientology has been putting its remaining financial resources (those not siphoned off and shipped to the Cayman Islands and to Swiss vaults) in to Real Estate around the world. Smart. Very smart. When the ringleaders are dragged off to court to stand trial, their reachable assets will be seized, and shoring up what they can in unreachable countries is about the only thing left that the corporation’s ringleaders can think of.

    If some day Anonymous’ attention moves on to other things and they decline their world-wide “raids” and efforts to continue to chip away at the syndicate, the ARSCC (wdne) will always be there to continue what we have been doing since 1993.

    And we continue to win.

    My opinions only, as usual, and only my opinions.

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