Larry Sinclair: Offers Banana Nutbread in Lieu of Obama Evidence

The Continuing Saga of a Man who Stretched his 15 Minutes of Fame into 4 months.

Larry Sinclair

Larry Sinclair, the one-man, lawsuit-filing, banana-nut-bread-baking, Obama-accusing, money-begging, blog-spawning, running-from-the-law intimidation machine has had his initial lawsuit (against Barack Obama for intimidation and other Legal Larryisms) dismissed by the courts.

When this FACT (which was linked to the original court documents) was recently reported by DBKP’s LBG, we were told (by a loyal Larry Legion enlistee) that our “information was obsolete”. Larry himself characterized our reporting as “misinformation”. Another Larrysuit was cited–there are several, including one against three anonymous posters who disagreed with Larry’s World outlook–as “proof” that Sinclair’s struggles against the Man continues.

We’re not sure how a lawsuit which names “TubeSockTedD”, “mzmolly” and “OWNINGLIARS” as the offending parties affects Larry’s Incredible Shrinking Credibility.

Larry Legal Lollapalooza continues. It’s the perfect cure for people who feel that their own lives lack drama.

As a scandal, the Obama-Sinclair story is fast sinking into the sunset; it’s sadly turned into something altogether different than the story we started covering in the beginning.

Originally, Larry brought forth accusations that he and Barack Obama were the members of an exclusive sex-and-drugs party in the back of Larry’s limo in 1999 in Gurnee, IL. DBKP has dutifully reported on the accusations, Sinclair’s subsequent flunking of a polygraph, and the many twists and turns in the story of a man who declares he is “interested in revealing the truth about Barack Obama”. Say what you will, Sinclair’s a public-minded individual, according to Larry.

Initially, we gave Sinclair and his claims a fair hearing. But, when someone brings serious accusations against a presidential candidate–and we can muster little enthusiasm for any of Obama’s stands on the issues–the burden of proof falls on the accuser. Sinclair, 4 months and counting after since the release of his YouTube video detailing his initial accusations, has come up empty in the Proof Department.

For more of this story, see “Larry Sinclair: Lots of Fund Raisers, Little Proof for Obama Accuser” at

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2 responses to “Larry Sinclair: Offers Banana Nutbread in Lieu of Obama Evidence

  1. Obama’s got to answer for his drug use and homosexual past to get an NSA security clearance. The boys at the CIA, FBI, and NSA had a hell of a time keeping Clinton away from sensitive national security protocols and eventually let him shoot a few tomahawks at Saddam. They are not going to let Barack the Gay Crackhead run the country. If Barack boy wins the presidency, they’ll give him a few toys to play with, but use of national security assets will be off limits. You watch!

  2. You people are so funny!!! LMFAO!!! 1 comment???HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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