Megan Meier, Lori Drew, MySpace Suicide: DBKP Stories and Videos

UPDATED: May 16, 2008
47 DBKP stories and videos

The story of 13-year-old Megan Meier, who was harassed by adults and others online at social site MySpace and her subsequent suicide.

Includes stories concerning the creation of the November 18 2007 blog, “Megan Had it Coming” and the blog’s author subsequently claiming in a December 3 2007 post, “I’m Lori Drew”.

Includes the May 15 2008 story of Lori Drew’s four-count indictment by a Los Angeles grand jury.

Also includes related stories. From the place that had it first on the Internet: DBKP.

* Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Lori Drew Indicted

* Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Prosecutors Question Drew’s Employee

* Subpoenas Heat Up Cyber Battles Once Again

* MHIC: Google and Lori Drew

* MHIC: A Final Round-Up

* The Increasing Victimization of Lori Drew

* Megan Had it Coming Blog: HOAX!

* Cyber-Bully Quiz: Are You a Cyber-Bully?

* Kids On-line: 10 Tips For Parents

* All Big Internet Stories Start as Local Ones

* Lori Drew, Megan Had it Coming: A Multitude of Statements

* Edna Bambrick’s in Town and You’re Gonna Be Sorry!

* Internet Porn Watchdog, Edna Bambrick, Monitoring MHIC Comments

* Lori Drew: Anatomy of an Apology

* The Mystery of the Megan Had It Coming Blog

Trench Reynolds, of DBKP weekly This Week in Crime, Makes His DBKP debut.
* Megan Had it Coming Blog: Author a Troll?

* Megan Had it Coming Blogwatch
Time Elapsed Since Blog First Appeared.

* Lori Drew, Megan Had it Coming: What Her Lawyer Says, What Google Says

* Megan Had It Coming” Blog Still Going Strong

* St. Louis Post-Dispatch Believes Real Culprits are Bloggers

* Megan Had it Coming Blog Under Investigation by Local Authorities

* Megan Had it Coming Blog Vs. Internet Readers, Part III

* Lori Drew Statement Comparison: What Her Lawyer Says in 2007, What She Said in 2006

* Prosecutor Presents Points in Lori Drew’s Defense

* Lori Drew or Internet Troll? – Part II

* A Conversation Between Lori Drew and Internet Readers?- Part I

* Lori Drew: Author of ‘Megan Had it Coming’ Blog?

* MySpace Cruel Hoax: No Justice For Megan

* Teenage Girls MySpace Profiles Hacked by Predator

* Megan Meier’s Legacy: Cyber Bully Laws to be Enacted

* Parents’ Interview with Anderson Cooper

* 30 Memorable Quotes

* Megan Meier, Lori Drew: One More Prayer for Megan

* Candlelight Vigil Announced by Tina Meier

Megan’s hometown of Dardenne Plains, MO, enacts cyberbully laws:
* Town Cracks Down On CyberBullies

* Reactions to the Reactions to the Reactions

* Blogger Says Megan Had It Coming

* CNN Interview – Parents Told “Give it a Rest”

* CNN Interview with Parents


MySpace Suicide: The Megan Meier Story

MySpace Suicide: The Story Of Megan MeierWatch more amazing videos here

* No Justice For Megan

* Cruel Hoaxers Outed; Let the Lesser Outrage Begin

* Megan’s Story May Prevent Others

* MySpace Suicide: Outrage! Outrage!

Our Original Story:
* MySpace Cruel Prank Leads To Teen’s Suicide

(DBKP Library of Megan Meier MySpace Suicide stories originally posted at DBKP at Blogger on December 8, 2007.)

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

2 responses to “Megan Meier, Lori Drew, MySpace Suicide: DBKP Stories and Videos

  1. My niece was cyber-bullied at college. She was able to deal with it somehow, but it really diminished her college experience. I’m so glad someone is doing something about it!

  2. An exclusive video of the candle light vigil is available on in the section for Dardenne Prairie

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