UFO Images Through History? You Be the Judge!

Bonaventura Salimbeni’s “The Glorification of the Eucharist” painted in 1600 can be seen in the Church of San Pietro in Tuscany. No one knows why Salimbeni chose to paint this object which resembles a Russian Sputnik satellite into his rendition of the Holy Trinity.

Since we’ve yet to be graced by an “official” UFO visit then we have to rely on pictures, photos, or film, usually “top-secret” and “confidential” of alleged UFO sightings. We decided to post a few “UFO” photos, a painting from 1600, a UFO webcam, and a film of an alleged 1969 UFO crash in the Sverdlovsk region of Russian from the documentary, “The Secret KGB UFO Files”.

Aside from the fact that the makers of the documentary claim the film came in original KGB canisters and “testimony” from a “credible” former KGB operative, in the end it’s up to our own visual assessment of the film. Was there something in it or about it that made the viewer come away with the impression that the film is an elaborate hoax, the real thing, or something that could go either way.

Enterprising UFO watchers have enlisted the help of a local “UFO” Cam you can download onto your PC. Unless some hardy citizen is perched above the cam dangling a small scaled model of a UFO attached to fishing line, we think it’d be hard to fake a “UFO” sighting.

Photographer Steve Mera of Manchester, England, says he was a UFO skeptic too until one day he and several friends spotted this UFO. Mera used a Canon 300D to take photos of the unusual UFO shaped like a silver dog toy. Source – Rense

Mera stated that he would take a lie detector test to prove the photos are real.

We’d like to point out that cynics claim that if UFO’s were real we’d see more videos or photos of them. We disagree. Most of us don’t carry around a camera or video cam on the oft chance of capturing a UFO and if we did happen to have one, try getting a decent shot with the wrong lens, lighting, ect., it’s nearly impossible.

“Photo” from UFO News

We’re not sure what the source was for this photo nor the date it was purportedly taken. We thought the UFO resembled a giant ceramic tile pot.

Hoax or the ugliest UFO ever photographed?

After browsing through dozens of “UFO” photos which all seemed to be modeled on variations of the flying saucer, we ran across this one which we dubbed “the flying washtub”. We find the idea of this particular photo being a real UFO kind of cool, imagining a visit from Hillbilly aliens from a nearby galaxy.

Are there UFO’s out there shaped like flying dog bones, ceramic pots, and flying washtubs or are these photos hoaxes perpetrated upon the public? What about the top-secret KGB video of a UFO crash in Russia? And just what was the strange object the painter Salimbeni inserted into his 1600 painting? Was Salimbeni introducing expressionism into his work centuries before other artists or was this an object he himself had observed or was Salimbeni just plain bonkers?

We’re not sure what the UFO climate was like in Tuscany at the turn of the century in 1600. Would Salimbeni have been censored if he swore on a stack of Bibles he had witnessed a UFO? Which brings up another point about UFO photos. People who claim they have a photo of a UFO, even if it were real, risk being called a kook or a fabricator. The photographer of the flying dogbone UFO was adamant he’d take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Taking a photo of a UFO would be close to impossible, must less a “great” photo of one, after all, how often do UFO’s show up (we’re not sure if they ever have but just in case) and most of us don’t have a camera or video cam on hand to capture that UFO “magic” moment. If we did happen to have our camera, UFO’s are notorious for taking off at blinding speeds. Try getting a getting a decent shot with a digital camera, much less the right lens for an object too far away and with bad light. The obstacles in taking a great UFO shot are daunting and rarely overcome. If you do manage to get a good “UFO” shot then you run the risk of being labeled a kook or a liar trying to pull a hoax if you go public.

Which leaves us to opine, if the aliens landed and made formal introductions, allowing themselves to be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, Larry King, and the Today Show, most of the UFO mystery-conspiracy guys would lose their mystique.

We want first dibbs on an interview with the alien crew of the Flying Washtub.


Image – Flying Washtub
Image – The Glorification of the Eucharist
Image – UFO News
Source – Secret KGB UFO Files

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Death by 1000 Papercuts.


3 responses to “UFO Images Through History? You Be the Judge!

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  2. Very nice i like this article,
    It was helpfull for me. Thank You.

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  3. Your “Hoax or the ugliest UFO ever photographed” is clearly a streetlamp that had the pole removed using a utility such as Photoshop.

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