Mother Unfit Parent Due to Christianity, Alleges Lesbian Ex

Forty years ago can seem like light years in cultural terms.

Forty years ago, the story of a Vermont lesbian who wanted to take a child away from her biological mother–because the mother was a Christian–would have been unbelievable.

Janet Jenkins, part of a now-sundered lesbian twosome, has alleged that because of Lisa Miller’s (the biological mother) Christian parenting practices, Miller is no longer is a fit mother. Jenkins is seeking full custody of the child.

Miller and Jenkins were a couple before Miller left the relationship and became a Christian. Now, the Virginia Supreme Court has to rule if 6-year-old Isabella, Miller’s child, is to be ripped away from her and custody given to Jenkins.

Mathew Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel, said the impact of the decision will reach far beyond the important determination of the future for the child in question, also impacting states’ sovereignty and the values on which Christian parents make decisions.

Staver said that the wrong ruling could set Isabella up to be “paraded as a political trophy of the homosexual community in Vermont”.

“This case is exceptionally important because the future of [the child] Isabella hangs in the balance,” he said. “Her future will be to either remain with her biological mother, Lisa Miller, or potentially be ripped away from her mom and placed in a lesbian household… This case is also important because states must also have the sovereign authority to maintain their marriage policy as the union of one man and one woman, while rejecting same-sex unions. Virginia’s Constitution compels the state supreme court to not recognize out-of-state, same-sex marriages and civil unions.

“But if Virginia loses its sovereignty, then the sovereignty of every other state is put in jeopardy,” he said.

Vermont’s Supreme Court already granted parental rights and visitation to Jenkins. Mother and daughter live in Virginia and Miller has gone to the Virginia Supreme Court to defend her right to raise Isabella as she sees fit.

“This hearing will determine whether a lesbian woman who is Lisa Miller’s former partner will share custody of Isabella, Lisa’s daughter,” wrote Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues at Concerned Women for America. “The woman is neither an adoptive parent nor is she biologically related to Isabella. In fact, she’s a total stranger to the little girl.

“Isabella, who is now 6 years old, hadn’t seen this woman since she was 17 months old. This case could have national ramifications and will help decide whether states like Vermont and Massachusetts get to export their radical new definitions of marriage and family around the country,” Barber said.

The relationship ended when Miller became a Christian and claimed Jenkins was abusive. Miller, who says she is no longer is a lesbian, lives with her daughter in Virginia.

This story also at, “Lesbian Ex: Mother’s Christianity Makes Her Unfit Parent“.

Lower courts in Virginia have ruled Miller is the sole parent and the Virginia Marriage Affirmation Act bars recognition of civil unions. The Vermont Supreme Court, however, reached across state lines to demand that Miller allow Jenkins visitation.

Jenkins alleges that Miller’s Christianity is unhealthy and harmful to Isabella.

“That’s true. Janet Jenkins, in court documents in Vermont, argued because Lisa prays for her daughter and her well-being, and even prays for Janet, that in fact that is not in the best interests of Isabella. She [Jenkins] says because Lisa prays for her daughter, and tells her she’s praying to do God’s will, Janet has taken the position that … Christianity is harmful to children,” Staver told WorldNetDaily.

DBKP regular pat sums up the whole case:
“The woman attempting to gain custody is not the mother in any sense, nor does she pay child support. The ‘bad’ parenting alleged is the practice of Christianity. The Vermont Court asserts authority over both parties because a ‘civil union’ was contracted there. The birth and residency of the child was never in Vermont. This case appears to be set up to void traditional ‘best interest of the child’ standards in favor of ‘whatever a gay person wants'”.

Forty years ago, the idea that a lesbian could seek to declare a mother unfit because of the desire to raise her daughter as a Christian would have been laughable.

It would be laughable still, if it weren’t for the unrelenting legal push for increased rights and privileges for “lifestyle” choices. Once a particular “lifestyle” is given favored status, what logic would prevent other “lifestyles” from gaining legal standing?

Pedophilia already has its champion in NAMBLA. It’s only a matter of time until the North American Man Boy Love Association files suit, alleging discrimination against its “lifestyle”.

Or long-suffering farm animal lovers file suit, seeking to extend legal protections to bestiality.

That this discussion is even taking place is viewed by some as a sign of our country’s “progressiveness”. We see it as a sign of our culture’s degeneration.

Forty years ago, the Vermont Supreme Court would have explained to Janet Jenkins that there is a reason for civilization’s disdain for her “lifestyle”–and most of the reasons had to do with the well-being of children and society at large.

Forty years ago, America would not have been in danger of having a few states with radical courts force their decisions on the rest of the country.

Forty years ago sometimes seems like forever in cultural terms.

by Mondoreb
hat tip: pat
image: pregnancy
* Lesbian Ex: Mother’s Christianity Makes Her Unfit Parent
* Lesbian Demands Custody of Christian Mom’s 6-year-old

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2 responses to “Mother Unfit Parent Due to Christianity, Alleges Lesbian Ex

  1. An anti-gay rant just isn’t complete unless it includes the pedophilia and bestiality slippery slope!

    The snippets above leave out a LOT of details about this case and LIE about others. First and foremost, that their daughter was born into their marriage. Lisa was to have the child but both were to be her parents. If this were a heterosexual couple where the husband was infertile and the wife was artificially inseminated, would it be so hard to relate to a father who wanted to share custody of his child? He may not have provided the sperm that gave her life, but is that the only definition of parent that we’re willing to accept? The same is true of Janet. She may not have provided the sperm for this child, but she is still her parent.

    Second, the civil union was entered into in Vermont, the couple did move to Vermont with the explicit purpose of gaining the protections and rights that their civil union would only afford them in Vermont and Isabella WAS a resident of Vermont and was born into the civil union.

    These two women intertwined their lives with dedication far beyond that required for a traditional marriage. When they first met in 1997, there was no law recognizing same sex unions in Virginia. To gain any amount of security for themselves, they needed more than two signatures on a marriage certificate. They wills drawn up, powers of attorney, and health care directives. In December of 2000 they entered into a Civil Union in a ceremony in Vermont. While their home state of Virginia wouldn’t recognize the union, it was yet another step they took to affirm their relationship with one another.

    Now, aside from the words written on this web page, nowhere have I read that the custody case is because Lisa has devoted herself to radical Christianity. This is a custody case. It would be a simple custody case but, unfortunately, we’re “protecting” our children by outlawing gay marriage. If gays were allowed to get married, Janet would have had immediate claim to adopt Isabella and this would all be moot.

  2. unfit because she’s “Christian”?? That’s about the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. >.>;;; The whole gay marriage thing doesn’t really bother me as a Christian because it’s not my job to impose my religious beliefs on other people… making something illegal isn’t going to make people stop wanting to do it.

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