Eight of the Fastest Things on Earth

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Almost everybody likes speed.

The thought of going faster than anyone else has inspired man: everything from countless drag racing movie scenes to the use of steroids in pursuit of the title of “World’s Fastest Human”.

We knew a few of the “fastest things” below–the fastest animal and bird–but were surprised about several of the others. While researching info for a completely different project, we stumbled upon the M1-J10, the world’s fastest tank.

It was so surprising, we checked on some other “things that go fast”.

We present eight of them. How many of these did you know?

Land: Fastest Tank

Currently, the largest tank ever built, the M1-J10 Main Battle Tank, nicknamed “Jihadi Slaughter” or “JaySlaw” for short is being built in Lima, Ohio by General Dynamics. The JaySlaw measures nearly 90 feet in length, 35 feet wide and stands almost 2 stories high. The main weapon of the M1-J10 is a 478mm smoothbore cannon, designed by the Rheinmetall Corporation of Germany. Engagement ranges approaching 22 miles were successfully demonstrated during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The JaySlaw has been clocked at a speed of over 200mph in desert sand which is simply astounding considering the vehicle weighs more than a thousand tons.

Land: Fastest Production Car

The Bugatti Veyron may no longer be the world’s fastest car. Today — following a number of teasers and leaks — Barabus officially unveiled the TKR: a new 1005 horsepower supercar the automaker says is capable of doing zero to 98kph in 1.67 seconds. What’s more, the car reportedly has a top speed of 270 mph — nearly 20 more than the Veyron. Power comes from a 6.0 liter V8 twin-turbocharged with dual intercoolers.

Water: Fastest Fish

Sailfish: Reaching speeds of up to 68 m/h it’s the fastest fish on the ocean, it’s an exciting and extraordinary opportunity to shoot such a photo of a Sailfish with it’s sail raised.

Air: Fastest Plane

Rocket planes aside, the SR-71 Blackbird holds the current record speed of 2,242 mph set in 1990. There are rumors of a black project aircraft with greater performance, but nothing has been announced.

Much faster jet aircraft are in operation, but they are unmanned. These vehicles use a scram jet, a type of jet engine that will not operate below the speed of sound. It must be launched from a supersonic aircraft or using a rocket booster. The Boeing X-43 project funded by NASA has flown at 7,546 mph (mach 9.8). Another scram jet used a gravity assist in a dive to near mach 10.

Land: Fastest Animal

The fastest land animal in the world, the cheetah is a marvel of evolution. Capable of running up to 70 miles per hour, the cheetah’s slender, long-legged body is built for speed. Its spotted coat, small head and ears, and distinctive “tear stripes” from the corner of the eyes down the sides of the nose make the cheetah highly
recognizable among the large cats of Africa.

Land: Fastest Diesel

British construction equipment manufacturer JCB’s DieselMax:

350 MPH world-record run on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Air: Fastest Bird

Peregrin Falcon: “The peregrine falcon is perhaps the fastest animal on earth. In a stoop, or dive, the peregrine has been clocked at speeds of over 180 miles per hour.”

Water: Fastest Inflatable

Auckland, 07 December 2007: Hitting record breaking speeds of over 100kph, a Sealegs 6.1m rigid inflatable boat today sped to new World Record fastest on water speed for an amphibious vehicle in Sydney harbour, this morning. 500m of water was covered in the World Record time of just under 18 seconds.

by Mondoreb
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16 responses to “Eight of the Fastest Things on Earth

  1. lol the tank looks soooo photo shopped xD, and, how can a tank over 1000tons do 200mph LOOOL??!

  2. guiness world records..is it right?….GWR?…hahaha

  3. 1. The SR-71 Black Bird top Speed of over mack 3.3 + Speed too! Thankyou,


  5. The Bugatti supersport actually clocked a CONFIRMED speed of 267mph and is currently considered the fastest production car ever made. It clocked a higher speed when being tested, but in order to be officially confirmed it has to run a straight line twice and have its avg taken.

    Whats crazy though is that a TANK can hit 200mph!? I really wanna see that in action, and whats its MPG?

  6. The tank is Photoshopped…… the lagrest tank ever build is called “mause” and is produced by the nazis of ww2.(only 2 prototypes ever build)

  7. Col. Erik Ohlson, UN peace corp, Afghanistan

    I urge you to prove that a tank would go 200mph .. well even 200km/h .. and even one being built that is that big. It’s just a big hoax!

  8. The tank is fake. On the front it says shopmestrophy.com. Army, with advertising? I think not.See if you can find any other pictures, besides the one on the top of this page. The big cannon does not produce shadows, because it is that awesome. PHOTOSHOP thanks you.

  9. Victor Samreth

    Everybody knows that SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is the fastest thing in the world!! Naaah jokes, he doesn’t even exist lol!

  10. “jihadi slaughterer”? Christ, they’re still bloody poor people. People with bad opinions, but really poor people nonetheless.

  11. Why would anyone use a smooth-bore cannon these days when the use of rifled cannons has been proven effective since the American Civil War? I am perplexed.

    • Smooth-bore guns are used to fire guided and unguided projectiles. If a tank can only shoot an unguided shell, then the manufacturer is going to use a rifled gun.

      • 120mm Smoothbore is standard for the M1A1 and M1A2. The original M1 Abrams used a 105mm rifled barrel, but apparently they decided that smooth bore was as advancement. They fire conventional ammo along with with Sabot rounds, canister rounds and LAHAT (basically a missle) via the smoothbore.

  12. That tank is so fake. 478mm gun? 200mph? 2 stories tall and 1000 tonnes? How could anyone fall for that?

    • Anyone who’s not familar with this kinda stuff, (including the physics too).
      1000 tonnes at 200mph…you’d need about ….calculations say 580,000 hp to hit top speed in…60 min. (With lots of major rounding)
      So..zero to 200mph in ~3600.00 sec

      haha yep. Totatly legit.

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