Obama Cartoon: What Muslim Misunderstandings?

Traveling across the web, the above cartoon turned up.

More specifically, the above interesting cartoon turned up.

It was first posted at a site (jaspar jottings) where the poster was if he was a racist for posting the cartoon.

Of course, it an Obama supporter posing the question. Apparently, it had not occurred that posting carefully-documented information is not usually an M.O. of a racist.

But then, it’s much easier to sling names than to think things out.

But the cartoon, by one Jerry Breen, made some pretty interesting, relevant points.

And the fact that Breen had this cartoon up in July 2007–almost 9 months ago–makes him look positively prescient.

Interesting info back in July 2007.

Interesting info still in April 2008.

by Mondoreb
image: Jerry Breen
, first seen at:
jaspar jottings
* Obama: Clearing Up Any Muslim Misunderstandings
* CARTOON: Senator Obama’s evasiveness about his Muslim upbringing


7 responses to “Obama Cartoon: What Muslim Misunderstandings?

  1. It’s Jasper.

    Manhattan College’s famous Prefect of Discipline and asserted inventor of the Seventh Inning Stretch, Brother Jasper of Mary F.S.C. Alums of Manhattan are known as Jaspers. “Jasper Jottings” is basically anything about or by Jaspers.

    And, knowing Jerry, and his family, the carge of racism is laughable.

    Thanks for the link,

  2. I just DON’T understand why so many top important people are backing him????? Why? How can he get away with lying about his background and his muslim upbringing? Sorry…I just don’t get it? Can anyone clear this up for me? WHY ARE THEY STILL BACKING HIM AFTER KNOWING ABOUT HIS LAST 20 YEARS IN A “HATE AMERICAN WHITES” CHURCH? Why do all these people keep backing him?

  3. is Obama racist???

  4. like he doesn’t tell others that he is a Muslim but infact he IS?

  5. what is the mater with you?
    what if he he is muslim?????
    Islam is the relegon of pece

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