Hillary Clinton: Video Proof HRC Was Telling the Truth?

Video Proof Clinton Not a Liar?

MSM No Longer Under her Thumb

“It was hell…pure Bosnian hell, I tell you!”

Trapped in a MSM World She Didn’t Create

Is Hillary Clinton lying?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Lest we sound ungracious toward the former first lady, we’ll add that Clinton isn’t used to an adversarial relationship with the Mainstream Media. She’s still trapped in the Mainstream Media world that the MSM created for her and her husband 1992-2000.

It was a world the MSM painted in stark colors: black, for evil Republicans who opposed her and her husband’s plans and policies; white, for the noble Clintons and their equally-noble, liberal friends. Rarely did the MSM shine its scrutinizing light on their actions or remarks.

So when Clinton said she came under sniper fire in Bosnia and had to run for her life, she really meant, “I landed and nothing happened, but here’s an interesting story for you–that could have happened.”

Dangerous snipers awaited HRC in Bosnia

Watch the rare 53-second video and make up your own mind at “Hillary Clinton Under a Cloud: Under Pressure Under Fire” at DBKP.com.

by Mondoreb
Source: Hillary Clinton Under a Cloud: Under Pressure Under Fire



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