Study: “Preposterous” That Immigration Benefits Britain

“Preposterous” To Claim Otherwise

A British parlimentary committee of experts came to the conclusion that many British subjects had already reached: there is no justification for mass immigration into the U.K.

And, there’s no benefits gained by the country from it.

The panel of experts’ report, called a “landmark study–the most authoritative carried out by a parliamentary committee”, demanded that a cap be instituted on new arrivals into the British Isles.

The report is sure to spread dismay among Euro-elites and multiculturalists worldwide. Among its blunt findings:

•Dismiss Ministers’ “preposterous” assertion that migrants boost the economy by £6billion a year;

•Reject Government claims that foreigners will help to defuse the pensions timebomb;

•Demolish the “fundamentally flawed” Downing Street argument that migrants fill vacancies in the economy;

•And warn that migrants will force up house prices by 10 per cent in the next two decades.

The House of Lords committee didn’t mince words.

The Lords economic affairs committee, which includes former Chancellors Nigel Lawson and Norman Lamont, economists and captains of industry, said immigration had “little or no positive impact” on the living standards of the existing population.

In fact, the big winners were the migrants themselves who earn higher wages than in their homeland and can also send money home.

Some British workers were even seeing their incomes fall, while up to 100,000 youngsters have been unable to find work.

And, by pushing up house prices, migrants will keep young families off the housing ladder, the committee found.

Britain has seen migration balloon its population by 190,00 per year and the Labour Party, like the Democrat Party and RINOs in the U.S., has been stressing the economic benefits of mass migration.

Euro-weenies like to cite the need to import workers to keep generous government pension systems financially solvent. But that argument, according to the peers, didn’t “hold up to scrutiny” because the immigrants will grow older and claim pensions of their own one day.

What did the House of Lords committee demand be done to counter this growing problem?

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by Mondoreb
Source: British Study: Immigration Has no Benefits

2 responses to “Study: “Preposterous” That Immigration Benefits Britain

  1. I am astonished with the figures, where did you get them from? The Sun? Why is it mixed-up all together?

    “Cost of immigrant crimes” = £4bn
    “assylum support and processing” = £1.6bn

    I agree it’s is more than Poles contribute to the UK Taxman. In the other hand all the assylum seekers are not allowed to work right… Poles are UE members and work freely.

    It’s like putting dogs and parrots in the same “usefulness” comparison for the domestic pets.

  2. Immigration is the movement of people into another country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there, especially as permanent residents or future citizens.

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