Head Transplants: Spanish Doctor is a Pioneer

Dr. Luis De la Cruz, Pioneer in Head Transplantation

While medical researchers still struggle with devising successful brain transplants, Spanish physician, Dr. Luis De la Cruz, is on the cutting edge of head transplants.

De la Cruz has invented a procedure which can add up to 2 inches to a person’s height. De la Cruz claims he has successfully completed head transplants on 17 patients.

The procedures are performed in the doctor’s clinic in Madrid, Spain. The Clinica La Luz is the only clinic in the world where patients can undergo the 90-minute operation where a small incision is made on the side of the head allowing a silicon implant to be placed between the skull and the scalp. The average implant measures 1 inch while the maximum allowed is 2 inches with the need for 2 operations. The first procedure is needed to stretch the scalp.

De la Cruz says his procedure has helped patients who are small in stature achieve enough height to qualify for professions they would otherwise be excluded from, such as stewardesses and soldiers. Unfortunately those who have long, thin heads are advised that the silicon head transplant would likely make them look too “odd”.

Another “simple” silicon procedure is the new silicone “lip” transplant.

The London newspaper, The Sunday Times has reported that PermaLip, a permanent lip implant can be done in just fifteen minutes. The procedure according to cosmetic surgeons can be done under local anesthesia. According to the report the implants do not affect normal activities such as eating or kissing.

The material used is said to be “soft and malleable” to give a natural look. The procedure is aimed at two main groups, those whose lips have thinned due to First_Silicone_Lip_Implant_Done_ and persons wishing for fuller lips. The price ranges from £2,000 to £2,500 (approximately US$3,895 to US$4,869). Source – Carefair

Bet she feels dramatically better!

Silicon is now back in vogue for breast augmentation, a new type called “gummy bear” has been in use in Europe since 1995 and is currently going through clinical trials in the United States while Canada and Australia have approved the cohesive gel implants. Cohesive or gummy bear silicones are known for their ability to maintain their shape. Called “shape memory” the implants return to their original form lessening the chance of rippling or folding.

Read the rest of Dr. De La Cruz’s pioneering work in “head transplants” at “Spanish Physician Pioneers Head Transplants” at DBKP.com.

by LBG
Source: Spanish Physician Pioneers Head Transplants


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