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Don King, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards Love Child Scandal, Louis Farrakhan, William F. Buckley, Vicki Iseman-John McCain Affair, Fidel Castro, Ayatollah Khomeini, Valentine’s Day, Mahmoud Amadinejad, John McCain, Ron Paul, SF Zoo Tiger Attack, Christmas, Most Outrageous Quotes 2007, Bill Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, Megan Meier MySpace Suicide

DBKP Library Stories and Videos of Quotes by people, both famous and otherwise, in the the news. 22 stories and counting.

UPDATED: March 24, 2008

* Don King: 13 Quotes Without Any Trickeration

* Louis Farrakhan: Twenty Controversial Quotes

* William F. Buckley: 22 Moments from a Fully-Lived Life

* William F. Buckley Jr.: Ten Quotes to Remember Him By

* Vicki Iseman-John McCain: 25 McCain-Iseman Affair Quotes

* Fidel Castro: Fifteen Memorable Quotes

* Ayatollah Khomeini: Ten Quotes by the Father of the Islamic Republic of Iran

* Video: 7 Hillary Clinton Quotes

* Valentine’s Day: 30 Love Quotes

* Mahmoud’s Mission: 20 Quotes on the Coming Ahmadinejad Apocalypse

* John McCain: Thirty Quotes from the Conservative Candidate

Seven Ron Paul Quotes from the Denver Rally
* Ron Paul Round-Up: Maine Caucuses, Denver Speech, WV Convention and Super Tuesday

* SF Zoo Tiger Attack: 30 Memorable Quotes

* 27 Most Outrageous Quotes of 2007

* Christmas: 52 Christmas Quotes

* John Edwards Love Child Scandal: 30 Quotes

* Seven Hillary Clinton Iowa Quotes

* Bill Clinton: 1992-2000 In His Own Words

* Hillary For Dummies: Ten Hillary Clinton Quotes on the Issues

* Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Thirty Memorable Quotes

* 12 All-time Great Dennis Kucinich Quotes To Start Your Morning Right

* Our Man Mahmoud: Ten Ahmadinejad Quotes to Watch a Coming Holocaust By

by Mondoreb
image: dermanetwork
Source: DBKP


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