Kissing Mullahs: Return of the Red Hot Lip Lockers

[NOTE: This was originally posted on November 7 2007, but we saw it and thought, “Hey! You can never have enough reminders that Islam is the Religion of Love or Peace or whatever.]

The Left’s always maintained that Ahmadinejad has a tender side. Who knew?

Saw this over on Gateway Pundit and it caused some rethinking: Might Islam, after all is said and done, really be the religion of love?

From the same great country that brought you homosexual execution.

You can’t spell “fatwa” or “NAMBLA” without the two “A”‘s.

by Mondoreb
* ibloga
* rotten gods

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Death by 1000 Bigger! Better!
Originally posted November 7 2007 at DBKP at Blogger.


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