Warren Buffett: Put Clinton, Obama In Charge of A Business, Just Not Mine

Billionaire Warren Buffett said yesterday that the idea of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama running a company is okay with him–just not his company.

Warren Buffett said on Monday that he would be comfortable putting Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in charge of running a business, though not his Berkshire Hathaway Inc insurance and investment company.

Buffett has said that he plans to back the Democrat in the 2008 elections–perhaps, because Buffett has enough money to see him through any new taxes that may be imposed during a possible Democrat administration.

He has not endorsed Clinton or Obama for the presidency, but said on CNBC television: “I would put either one of them in charge of a business.”

Again, just not his business.

Another case of a billionaire supporting a Democrat because he has the money to see him through whatever harm may befall the economy during their stay in the White House.

by Mondoreb & RidesAPaleHorse
image/idea: RidesAPaleHorse
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