MA Cops Awarded "Corruption" Plaques; Might File Federal Charges Against the Dirty Rat That Did This


Police in Lawrence, MA were so unhappy at receiving plaques honoring them for being corrupt, they’re thinking of making a federal case out of it.

The impressive-looking plaques were each embossed with a gold police shield, a small gun and each was engraved with an officer’s name.

Police launched an investigation immediately into sent them the awards.

The cops were so upset at receiving the award, they are contemplating filing federal charges.

But these “plaques” sent to the police department Sunday were no awards. They came from a bogus address in Puerto Rico, supposedly sent from a former assistant district attorney and were in recognition for the officers being “corrupt.” They were dated “9-11-2007.”

As first reported on The Eagle-Tribune’s Web site yesterday, police Chief John Romero has launched an investigation into who sent the packages. He said police are contemplating criminal charges, possibly at the federal level. Police yesterday dusted the plaques for fingerprints. Romero was one of the recipients of the so-called award.

Lawrence police also notified the postal inspector in Boston. The sender could face federal charges for using the U.S. Postal Service “to threaten, harass or intimidate,” Romero said.

Police said that they have a suspect in mind “based on similar harassing correspondence” Romero had received. He declined to identify the suspect.

It’s not uncommon for the Police Department to receive disparaging or critical letters along with notes of kudos and praise. But Romero said he’s never received a plaque of this nature.

“It seems this individual went to great lengths and expense to do this. That, in itself, is disturbing,” Romero said.

Whoever made up the plaques and shipped them went to considerable expense, Romero said. The plaques probably cost $200 apiece to make and the shipping total was $75.

Local papers routinely publish the names of people arrested for charges which are later dropped. This unwanted publicity is sometimes called “rehabilitation through humiliation”.

Seems someone must have thought the Lawrence, MA police department needed rehabilitated.

by Mondoreb
hat tip: Brock Lorber, FP
image: eagle-tribune
Source: Fake Plaques sent to the Lawrence police for corruption


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One response to “MA Cops Awarded "Corruption" Plaques; Might File Federal Charges Against the Dirty Rat That Did This

  1. You know what? I do not think the Lawrence Police have a choice. They really don’t. They are desensitized and controlled by someone/thing they have no control over. I don’t ever want to call them for help again. They do their job and cannot stand what they know and see daily. I never liked police. But, I feel bad for them. Something is making them not care. Andover and N. Reading and small town police have to deal w/ giving a ticket to a driver that ran a yellow light. I understand having to abide by someone elses rules and get blamed for it.

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