Enzyte Male Enhancement: Feds Convict Owner, Mother of Fraud

Women may not say it to your face, but they all want a larger, harder man. The all natural male sexual enhancement product Enzyte can take you to the next level. Source – Enzyte Website

Those “Smiling Bob” Enzyte commercials, either you loved em or hated em but either way, “Smiling Bob” ain’t smiling no more.

Owner Steve Warshak and his mom, Harriet, were found guilty by a federal jury of conspiring with other employees to “commit mail, wire, and bank fraud.” Warshak was also convicted of 60 counts of money laundering and various other sundry charges, enough to put him in prison for to 20 years or more.

How did this happen? According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Warshak made false claims in his ads, ran up unauthorized charges to customer’s credit cards and made it virtually impossible for customers to halt shipments in the mail.

Warshak denies any wrongdoing while his in-house counsel was convicted of “money laundering and conspiracy to obstruct federal proceedings” and seven other employees have plead guilty to conspiracy charges.

Check out the “North Pole”

Enzyte commercials with their main character, “Smiling Bob” were chocked full of double entendres.

From the Santa commercial:

“This is Bob, it looks like Bob is here to “spread around a little joy. But there seems to be a lot of rumors going around about this chubby Santa, because not long ago Santa decided he needed a little more room in his sled so he made a call to Enzyte about natural male enhancement.

And after a few short weeks, what did he get? Why not only a sleigh full of confidence and a sack full of pride… it looks like Bob got the one thing every lady likes… the joy of a gift, that keeps on giving.. Yes, with things heating up on the old North Pole it looks like there’s no mistaking this Santa for an elf… anymore…”

From the Enzyte website:

What does Enzyte contain?
Vegetable cellulose, Swedish flower pollen extract, Tribulus terrestris extract (45% saponins) (stem and fruit), Ginkgo biloba leaf 50:1 extract, L-arginine HCl, maca root, saw palmetto berry, Panax ginseng root extract (80% ginsenosides), Avena sativa extract (aerial parts), horny goat weed extract (Epimedium sagittatum) (10% flavonoids as icariin) (whole plant), muira puama stem 4:1 extract, and octacosanol complex (5% octacosanol)

It must be the horny goat weed extract that made the pills worth $39.00 for a 30 day supply.


Will I have difficulty sleeping if I take Enzyte before bed?
Consumers have not reported that taking Enzyte disturbed sleep patterns.

Will Enzyte enlarge the penis in the flaccid state?
Enzyte may help create fuller, firmer erections, but it cannot alter natural physical size.

A customer “testimonial”

Mike is 36 and single. His career with a Fortune 500 company has really taken off, and Mike has many good friends.

Before Enzyte, Mike was not as successful with women as he had been in his career. Most of his friends were dating monogamously or were already married. Like so many of us, Mike had wondered how his sexual performance affected his ability to maintain a strong relationship.

Warshak and his mom remain free on bail until sentencing later this year. The Enzyte website is still up and running but it remains to be seen if Smiling Bob will be back on TV with the lure of “all natural male enhancement.”


Source – Youtube
Source – Youtube
Source – Youtube


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