Health Nazis’ Next Target: Obesity Requires Global Action Like Climate Change

Obesity Needs to Be Tackled Like Climate Change
We “Need a Coherent Government-Led Strategy”

Now that drugs and smoking programs are well under way,
Health Nazis target the next big government crusade

First, drugs. Then, smoking.
A Call for More Government Control for the Overweight

Health groups, or Health Nazis, are more and more tipping their hands as to what the next big crusade for government laws and regulations will be: what a person eats and weighs.

Obesity needs to be tackled in the same way as climate change, a top nutritional scientist has said.

Of course, the two would seem to go hand-in-hand: a non-elected group of people or scientists calling for more government regulations and taxes and ultimately, the power to tell other people what to do.

The chairman of the International Obesity Taskforce wants world leaders to agree a global pact to ensure that everyone is fed healthy food. Professor Philip James said the challenge of obesity was so great that action was needed now, even without clear evidence of the best options.

As with other “health crusades”, action is always needed “now!”

It’s an emergency.

When the anti-drug war was begun, it was presented–as always with calls for more government control–as an emergency.

Drugs were an emergency. Concerns were raised at the time about the wisdom of government trying to control the chemical preferences of its citizens.

Those concerns were answered with stiff laws and regulations. A plethora of substances were made illegal if put in a person’s body.

More and more substances became illegal and more and more otherwise law-abiding U.S. citizens became lodged in prisons. These laws and regulations were no longer made by elected officials–who had to face voters and answer for their actions.

The creation of the Drug Enforcement Agency took care of that. When the DEA was created, no longer was it necessary to get Congress to outlaw a substance. The DEA only had to declare a substance forbidden and millions of people became outlaws.

Thanks to the U.S. War on Drugs, the United States now has the largest prison population in the world.

As more substances became illegal, frustrated anti-drug spokemen warned that the Drug Warriors would not be content with just drugs–after all, there are few substances left that haven’t been demonized, then made illegal.

“Cigarettes and smoking will be next,” predicted libertarians, among others.

Law enforcement, government agencies and ordinary people mostly scoffed.

More and more, Big Brother will be watching your pants size

Now, after it is illegal to smoke in many places in America, people are no longer scoffing at the power of “health groups”–unelected bodies that regulate what can and can’t be done and have the power to take your money with fines and, in many cases, put you in jail–all for what you choose to do with your body.

All this happened; first for substances (drugs) that were then legal; then for smoking, a perfectly, still-legal activity.

Of course, up until 70+ years ago, marijuana was legal, the third-most prescribed drug in America, available in many pharmacies.

Now, the over-weight are in the cross-hairs of the Health Nazis.

Professor Phillip James wants more laws, of course.

A common sight in the near future?

He called for stricter rules on marketing and food labelling.

The only consolation to the overweight: people take seriously the power of “health groups” and there are more voices being raised against the latest “public health problem” of obesity than when drugs and tobacco were targeted.

It started with childhood obesity. The number of stories written on this problem is truly staggering.

Google “childhood obesity” and you’ll get 2.59 million responses. More laws and regulations are being passed and implemented concerning the overweight person, including both children and adults.

And now, comes Professor James, shilling for action to combat a new emergency: this new “epidemic” that the overweight are involved in.

Professor James, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, was speaking in Boston at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

“This is a community epidemic that is actually a response to all the wonderful apparent industrial and economic development changes that we’ve seen, with a collapse in the need for physical activity, and now a targeting of children to make profits by big industry in food and drink.

“We have to change that, and it will not come unless we have a coherent government-led strategy. The issue is: have we got the political will?”

Political will? For “a government-led strategy”?

Who’s the Prof kidding?

What he really means is: “Can we overcome the objections of those people who don’t want to be told by government what to eat, what to weigh, and demonized if we don’t fit the constraints of a height-weight chart.

Can we dress this up like global warming?

Big Food will join Big Tobacco, Big Oil and Big Pharma as the new Axis of Evil.

at left: The Nazis were also very concerned about what their citizens put into their bodies. Nazi posters urged people to eat right–or else.

Will Twinkies become like marijuana? Forced underground and sold on the black market?

Don’t laugh. That won’t help.

Yesterday as it is today: after attacking tobacco, the Nazis sought total social control expanding to food and alcohol; but today’s Nazis hide in white coats.

The statistical junk science methodology was invented by the Nazis. Differently than the junk science statistics on tobacco, however, the reality that today’s “health movement” (and its contempt for liberty and self-determination) is of Nazi origins cannot be dismissed.
–from “No, Nazi German 1937-1944″

Professor James added that it was important that all food used a “traffic lights” labelling scheme so that consumers could immediately assess fat, sugar and salt content.

“This is a form of public education which is being resisted mightily in Brussels with intense lobbying of commissioners who’ve just announced that they won’t go down the British road,” he highlighted.

Just how ridiculous does a proposed regulation have to be that the European Union thinks it’s too onerous?

But the brave Professor soldiered on, oblivious to any obstacles that stand between him and his vision of a world free of fat people–whether those obstacles include inconvenient things like personal choice, liberty or freedom.

“So we’re in the process of trying to make it clear that if you’re concerned about the health and economics of a society you should take this seriously.”

Ten percent of the world’s children are either overweight or obese, twice as many as the malnourished, said Professor James.

In what could be an ad for the Democratic National Committee platform, this poster advertises the Nazi charity, the NSV. The text translates:
“Health, child protection, fighting poverty, aiding travellers, community, helping mothers: These are the tasks of the National Socialist People’s Charity. Become a member!”
Courtesy of Dr. Robert D. Brooks.

–from the German Propaganda Archives: Nazi Posters

The Professor apparently wasn’t around for last fall’s SCHIP debate–or the perennial calls by Democrats for more programs and taxes to help starving children.

Which is it? Are the kids starving or suffering from malnutrition?

The Left and the Health Nazis had best schedule a conference call.

“A huge range of analyses show that we have not been looking at the problem of children’s nutrition and well-being properly.

“They’re disadvantaged from birth, their academic achievement is impaired, their earning power is diminished, and they almost certainly have a life expectancy which is less than that of their parents.”

at left: Foods in some UK supermarkets sport a “stoplight” label. Green = good; Red = bad. Just in case people are too stupid to know what’s good for them, the government in the US and UK is increasingly getting involved in telling them.

New data from Scandinavia showed that the weight of a child at the age of 7-12 predicted whether or not they were going to die early from heart disease or other problems, he said.

“We now have to think in a totally different way and recognise that it’s the life cycle,” he added.

“Because these children start off being born small, they are then exposed to totally inappropriate environments, and they are therefore super-sensitive.”

Just in case Professor James needed reinforcements, another “expert” spoke in favor of more–regulations, laws, government control and taxes–in the pursuit of less.

Another expert, Professor Rena Wing, presented research at the AAAS in Boston suggesting that large-scale changes in diet and exercise were needed to prevent obesity.

A study of 5,000 men and women who lost an average of 70lbs (30kg), and kept the weight off for six years, shows that large lifestyle changes – such as exercising 60 to 90 minutes a day – were needed to keep people slim.

“The obesity epidemic won’t go away simply because people switch to skimmed milk from whole milk,” she said.

“They need to substantially cut their calories and boost their physical activity to get to a healthy weight – and keep minding the scale once they do.”

If only the experts had called for voluntary goals to be healthier set by individuals, it would have made the speeches easier for libertarians or anyone concerned with another looming government “war on” to swallow.

Tobacco had long been considered a potential “genetic poison” by the Racial Hygiene movement in Germany, clearly the high level of concern regarding the health effects of smoking was strongly connected to the goal of general improvement of the Arian “race”.

And it’s just not in the ‘Land of the Fat-Free’ America that the government and “health groups” are watching you. From the Daily Mail:

First it was models that are too skinny.

Now the weight police are after Santa’s who are too “fat.”

This is all in an effort to set a good example for impressionable youths who will undoubtedly see Santa and think they should go all out and get a big beer gut.

So there it is: a call by “experts” to do something–now!

An “epidemic” that only more government can tackle. A problem so bad, that we’ll have to take it on the same way Al Gore wants to take on “global warming”: with more government, more taxes, more loss of personal freedom, more regulations, more unelected officials dictating to others.

To the Health Nazis, it’s always the same story: only the culprits/criminals change.

Those damn druggies.

Those damn smokers.

Those damn fat people.

If only someone would start a crusade against “those damn Health Nazis”.

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by Mondoreb
hat tip: Geoffrey Hayes, Freedom Phoenix
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