If the Terroists Win: America Under Sharia Law

Beheadings, Stonings and FOX News Shut Down

The DEA Would Still Be in Business, Though

A Terrorist Caucus Would Vote Unanimously Democrat

Last October, a book which gave a glimpse of what America would look like under Islamic, or sharia, law.

It would be a much different looking country than what Americans are now used to.

It would also be a country in which those who raise their voices the loudest against the United States’ fight against Islamist terrorists would be the first to feel the ire of America’s new masters.

Beheadings, stonings and honor killings would be common-place if American ways weren’t changed–and changed in a hurry.

“Schmoozing with Terrorists” by Aaron Klein was the number 1 book on Amazon.com about the Middle East.

Klein, an ABC reporter who was banned from Syria because of his religion, conducted a series of interviews before the book came out with leaders of various terrorist organizations.

It’s extremely revealing what party and candidate the terrorists are all rooting for in the 2008 American elections.

Of the interviewed terrorist leaders, every single one of them said they hoped a Democrat becomes president in 2008.

9/11 was America’s most disturbing experience with terrorists.

Before the 2006 U.S. midterm elections, Klein conducted a series of interviews with senior Middle East terrorist leaders who urged Americans to vote for Democrats. al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades leader Jihad Jaara told Klein a Democrat win would ensure victory for worldwide jihad, explaining the Democrats policy of withdrawal from Iraq would “enhance the resistance.”

Klein also read to the terror leaders statements from prominent Democrats such as House minority leader Nancy Pelosi claiming a withdrawal from Iraq would end the insurgency there.

All terror leaders interviewed rejected the claim.

Islamic Jihad leader Muhammad Saadi said an American withdrawal would “prove the resistance is the most important tool and that this tool works.” Jaara declared a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq would “mark the beginning of the collapse of this tyrant empire (America).”

Pelosi got in some practice wearing a headscarf

Nancy Pelosi, in particular, was much appreciated by the terrorist leaders. If the Speaker of the House continues her unauthorized diplomatic attempts in the Middle East and her anti-military votes in the House, she may well earn the plaudits of as many terrorist leaders as well as her constituents in San Francisco.

Of course, Pelosi would likely not have to worry about sharia–she wore a hijab on her visit to Syria.

In April, 2007, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Syria and called for dialogue with Damascus against the stated recommendations of the White House, Klein conducted interviews with Mideast terror leaders whose headquarters are in Syria.

The terrorists called Pelosi’s visit “brave” and “very appreciated” and said it could bring about “important changes” to America’s foreign policy, including talks with “Middle East resistance groups,” Iran and Iraqi insurgents.
One terror leader, Khaled Al-Batch, a militant and spokesman for Islamic Jihad, expressed hope Pelosi would one day become U.S. president, explaining the House speaker’s Damascus visit demonstrated she understands the Middle East.

But assuming that Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have their way and sharia law does ever become the law of the American land, what can Americans expect?

Bars and clubs would be closed down, church bells would be banned, non-Muslims would pay special, extra taxes and Madonna and Britney Spears would be put out of their misery.

In the book, various leaders took turns describing everyday life in the U.S. if al-Qaida or other terrorist groups won the war on terror.

“Once Islam dominates, anyone living inside the Islamic state must abide by our rules. There is no choice. You will abide or face the punishment,” said Muhammad Abdel-El, the spokesman and a senior leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror organization.

Sheik Abu Saqer, a prominent Gaza-based preacher, a founder of the Sword of Islam terror group and a subscriber to the ideology of al-Qaida, explained if Islam controls the U.S., all American women, whether Muslim or not, must cover their hair.

“This is the demand of our religion. Being and walking naked doesn’t mean that you are enjoying more freedom; it means that you are going against Allah’s laws and you are serving the enemies of Islam who want to empty our Islamic society from its values. Uncovered heads is a form of nudity.”

Yasser Hamad, a cleric and a Hamas leader in the northern West Bank, explained in “Schmoozing” Islamic law enforcers would at first try to persuade American woman to cover their heads, but eventually females would be forced. Those women who refuse may be stoned.

Asked by Klein whether stoning was too harsh a punishment, Hamad replied:

“If you don’t respect the local law in America, if you don’t pay taxes, if you drive on a red light, aren’t there sanctions used against you by your government? Of course there are and it’s okay with you. Why is there a problem when it comes to the Islamic state that wants to impose its rules?”

Sharia would likely not bother those Americans who are in the habit of proclaiming, “There ought to be a law.”

There will be plenty of laws.

Hamad and other terror leaders stated all Jews and Christians living in the U.S. once Islam takes over would need to pay the jizya, a special protection tax, and other special taxes for non-Muslims, including one for the right to cultivate land. Non-Muslims cannot own land themselves.

Saqer said no new synagogues or churches can be built in the Islamic state. Existing houses of worship may remain, but services cannot be conducted loudly or in any public fashion. The ringing of church bells or blowing of the ceremonial Jewish shofar would be forbidden, the terror leaders said.

“For every sin and crime there is a sanction.”

That is how Hamad explained sharia in the U.S.

“Prostitution: one hundred whippings; if the prostitute was married, he or she will be stoned until death; for a thief, his hand will be cut. But before enjoying the primitive nature of Islam and before you express how much you are shocked by our rules, I must say that these are not immediate sanctions, but they are used only if the person was warned.”

Hamad explained prostitution doesn’t mean selling sex; he said the Islamic definition applies the term to all extramarital sexual relations. But he boasted Islam’s allowing men to marry many women was a perfect remedy for prostitution.

“In order to prevent prostitution and before reaching the sanctions of stoning or whipping, we will marry all our unmarried young. By the way, Islam allows the man to marry four women, so if he or she keeps practicing sex outside marriage and prostitution, in this case the sanctions mentioned in Quran will be used.”

The terror leaders all said alcohol would be banned and American movies and television would be shut down. DEA agents would likely notice no change, as they would still be employed.

The war on drugs is one aspect of sharia law that is already implemented in America now.

“American culture is very cheap and very corrupting. Your American culture is based on capitalism, on democracy, sex, and other principles that go against the nature of human beings as Allah created. We will fight all that this culture represents and promotes,” said sheik Saleh Faraj, one of the main leaders of the Islamic Liberation Party in the West Bank.

Freedom of the press in America would mean: no freedom. In the American Islamic state, the terrorists said once Islam rules the U.S., American media outlets that don’t conform to disseminating Islamic messages will be closed.

They said that the NY Times, CNN and the Washington Post would all likely be banned.

“The media will be closed not because there will be no freedom but because what is the logic of allowing the activity of media that can endanger the political and social stability of our state?” said Nasser Abu Aziz, no. 2 of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group in the northern West Bank.

One thing the terrorist leaders had in common with the American Left and Media Matters is an intense dislike for the FOX News Chennel, which some called a “network of evil.”

That’s the terrorists’ appraisal.

Abu Abdullah said, “The evil FOX encourages a lack of respect to Islam and resistance movements and will cause moral confusion and negative political influence.”

There is a possibility American music may be altogether banned if Islam takes over. Saqer explained in “Schmoozing,” some Islamic experts and sages, including those of the school of Egyptian scholar Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, allow music; while others, like those belonging to the Islamic Salafite school, forbid music.

Multiple terror leaders had never heard of many top singers in the U.S., but Klein said they were all familiar with Madonna and Britney Spears.

“Unfortunately, I heard the names of Madonna and Spears on [Arab] television when parents complain that their children neglect their studies and their values because they are influenced by your cheap American music that you call culture,” said Saqer.

Hamas’s Abu Abdullah said, “At the beginning, we will try to convince Madonna and Britney Spears to follow Allah’s way. But I honestly don’t think they will follow. If they persist with their whoring music, we will prevent them by force. I don’t think that I can be in the same place with these singers. They might be killed if they do not respect our laws.”

A stoning offense

The Committee’s Abdel-El, whose group previously bombed Americans, said, “Their music video clips will be forbidden and these whores Madonna and Spears will be thrown in jail until they admit they made sins and return to the moral way. If they don’t, they will be stoned to death or eighty times hit with a belt.”

Abdel-El said even before Islam takes over America, he would personally kill Madonna and Spears if he ran into them.

“If I meet these whores I will have the honor ? I repeat, I will have the honor to be the first one to cut the heads of Madonna and Britney Spears.”

The terrorists repeatedly state that their goal is a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

“We see already in America a nucleus of Islam, a base for Islam. This will become bigger, stronger, more important, until Islam will take control and will seize the power in America and the world,” said Faraj.

Abdel-El affirmed, “America will be overthrown. We are seeing more and more signs that prove that the process had already started.”

So that’s what America will look like if the leaders of the terrorist groups that some Americans insist do not threaten us ever come to power.

During the Cold War, there was a segment of the American political spectrum that was always advising against fighting the Soviet Communists. They blamed America for every confrontation with the Communists.

Their motto was:

“Better Red than dead.”

These Americans would transition easily to sharia law.

They’re many of the same ones who are counseling “submission” in the war on terror.

Sharia is all about submission.

Or you die.

by Mondoreb
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