Naked Sushi Nights: Newest Dining Craze

Restaurants are cashing in on the newest dining sensation, Naked Sushi Nights. At $75 bucks per person, one can dine on sushi on a “naked spread.”

Well, not so naked, says Thom Pham, who runs the Temple Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Pham says banana leaves and flowers will cover the “unclothed” persons chosen to be the sushi’s platter, who lie in the center of the table.

The Naked Sushi craze began in Japan and Hong Kong then spread to Los Angeles and New York but Communists are not so crazy about the idea. China has banned the practice, citing “moral quality and commercial activity with poor culture”.

China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce issued a notice this weekend banning meals served on naked bodies, officially canceling the service offered by a restaurant in southwestern China that served sushi on unclothed female university students, a Beijing newspaper reported Sunday.

The Saturday pronouncement forbids the service because it “insults people’s moral quality,” according to the Beijing Times. Serving food on women’s bodies also “spreads commercial activity with poor culture,” the paper said, citing the administration’s notice. Source – China Daily

Perhaps sushi restaurants could hire people who enjoy being nude, such as the naked airline fliers?

Who wouldn’t want to have some salt water eel off that lady’s ass?


Image – Naked Sushi
Image – MarkAmerica
Source – Star Tribune


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


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