John McCain Spoofs

The Joke’s on Conservatives

Part 6 of Political Candidate Parodies/Spoofs

[NOTE: So that we don’t get accused of “McCain Derangement Syndrome”, we’re holding our John McCain Quotes until tomorrow. Apparently, anyone raising the alarm about John McCain’s record or quoting examples of McCain’s arrogance toward Republicans or conservatives suffers from MDS. The same media sources might have labeled Paul Revere as suffering from “British Derangement Syndrome”.]

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compiled by Mondoreb
* theodoresworld
* Freaking News
* uglyrepublican
* zug
* Adainski
* clintonfein
* z
* cynical c
* zaiusnation
* e-graphics
* RidesAPaleHorse


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


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