Romanian Priest, Four Nuns, Murder Woman During Exorcism

A former Romanian Priest and four nuns were sentenced to prison for murder after an attempted “exorcism” went awry.

According to the AP,

The Orthodox priest and four nuns were convicted by the Romanian courts of murdering a young woman in June 2005 who suffered from schizophrenia by way of an non-Church sponsored exorcism. The victim was bound and chained to a cross and then left with no food or water for days. The woman died from dehydration and suffocation.

Due to a shortage in priests, the convicted priest, Daniel Corogeanu, who had never finished his priesthood training, was allowed to serve in a secluded convent in northeast Romania.

The Orthodox Church excommunicated Corogeanu and the nuns. They also defrocked Corogeanu and claimed the methods used by the “Exorcists R Us” group were not sanctioned by the church.

Corogeanu was sentenced to a seven year prison term while his Exorcist Squad of four nuns were sentenced to five and six year terms.

It seems that in matters of “evil” that perhaps the ex-priest and the four nuns could have benefited from an exorcism themselves, before they tortured and murdered a hapless young woman in the name of God.

We suppose, in the end, they could have claimed the “devil made them do it.”

Image – The Exorcist


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


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