Lawmaker Enters Legislature With a Bang!

“We’re not the World Federation of Wrestling.”

–Colorado State Rep. Wes McKinley, D-La Junta

“Let’s Get Physical”

–Olivia Newton John

A bi-partisan special committee has been convened by House leadership to examine an incident Monday in which freshman state legislator Doug Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, allegedly kicked a Rocky Mountain News photographer.

The incident between prominent tax foe Bruce, and Rocky photographer Javier Manzano, occurred Monday morning during a prayer on the House floor, just prior to Bruce’s swearing in.

Because the episode took place when Bruce had not yet been sworn in to his freshman term as a legislator, Romanoff said, the probe could not be assigned to the House ethics committee, since Bruce was not formally a member of the House when it occurred.

Bruce said in an interview Tuesday that he never actually kicked Manzano, only touching the photographer’s leg with the sole of his shoe, after Manzano ignored Bruce’s request that he not snap frames during the prayer.

“My view is that this is not a mountain out of a molehill, this is a mountain out of a molecule,” Bruce said Tuesday. “It’s the photographer who engaged in the misconduct.”

“He’d been taking pictures literally non-stop for over an hour,” Bruce said. “I stood up for the prayer and bowed my head and he kept taking pictures. And I said, ‘Don’t do that.”’

Bruce added, “Ii feel the flash and hear the click and he’s doing it again. I took my right foot and I tapped it on his knee. It was a nudge, a prod, a tap, whatever you want to call it. It’s nothing.”

Douglas Bruce (Lee?)………sheesh.

Two men enter, one man leaves.

by RidesAPaleHorse
[images: RAPH; myfoxcolorado]
Source: State Lawmaker Denies Kicking photographer


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


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