Obama and Change: Obamanation

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Any man who is under 30 and is not a liberal has no heart; and any man who is over 30 and not a conservative has no brains.”

— Winston Churchill

Let’s say you’re an undecided, perhaps non-political person looking for a candidate to support for president.

You may be asking the question, “Why not Barack Obama”?

If you are, it’s time for a Red Planet Cartoon.

Red Planet serves up “Obamanation” –a look at where the junior Senator from Illinois stands on economics. Leading off first with the Churchill quote from above, next adding a few statements from the Obama campaign website, then moving to a nice piece by Thomas Sowell, it’s a combination Econ and Politics 101 lesson.

Labor unions, like the government, can change prices — in this case, the price of labor — but without changing the underlying reality that prices convey.

Neither unions nor minimum wage laws change the productivity of workers. All they can do is forbid the employer from paying less than what the government or the unions want the employer to pay.

Finally, Red Planet finishes with a nice analysis by Michael O’Hanlon, “Obama and Iraq”, from the Wall Street Journal.

As we said, for those of you asking, “Why not Obama”?, head over to Red Planet Cartoons to get the entire, satisfying answer.

by Mondoreb
[image: Red Planet Cartoons]


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