Part Eight:
Life Ain’t Fair

[Luscious P continues her tour through the NewLife Site, where millions build virtual people, have virtual lives and conduct virtual affairs.]

“Free to go?” I looked at Dick and Harry. “What do you mean, “free to go?”

Harry looked at me with sharp angular eyes. “Exactly what it means, you’re free to go. So vamoose.”

“Wait a sec, you two haul me down here to SecondLife Central like I’m some kind of cyber-criminal.” I gave them my sternest, ‘I mean business’ look, which was kind of hard since this was all occurring online. If this was ‘real life’ no way would I let a couple of cops get away with this. I shook a digital fist.

“I have rights.”

“Oh yeah,” Dick said. He leaned back in his chair and gazed at me with impossibly azure eyes. “And what kind of ‘rights’ would that be?”

“Well,” I said, “what if I weren’t free to go, what would have happened, would you have “arrested” me?”

Harry crossed a couple of muscular arms in front of her chest. “You people are all the same.”

I looked at the beefed up Cyber-cop. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Harry and Dick exchanged glances.

“You come to SecondLife and think you can do whatever the hell you want.” She smirked at me. “Then when you get into a little trouble you think all you have to do is whip out a Mastercard or Paypal account and everything’s all hunky dory.”

She leaned forward in her chair.

“Let me tell you sister, I don’t care if you’ve got a five star platinum diamond crusted piece of plastic, try pulling crap on me and you’re outta here.”

Whoa. This person was Grade-A Nuts. I looked at Dick as he seemed to be the less hostile, and possibly sane, one at the moment.

“What would have happened if you’d decided I wasn’t “free to go”? Would you have allowed me one email to contact an attorney? Haul me before a judge? Sentenced me to time in Cyber-Sing Sing?”

Harry snorted. “You’re a funny one.”

“Look,” I said, “isn’t SecondLife a cyber-business and not a real city with cops who can arrest its customers?”

Dick stood up. “If you have any questions about SecondLife feel free to contact Customer Service. They have a list of FAQ’s.”

I stood up and looked at Dick. “Somehow I doubt getting hauled down to the cyber-cop station is in there, Officer Dick.” I looked at Harry. “Your behavior is unacceptable customer service. I have a feeling you’ve pulled this stunt with other customers. I’m surprised you haven’t been terminated by SecondLife.”

“Oh, I’m really scared now,” Harry said as she stood and adjusted her wide black cyber-belt. “Now either you run along or we find a reason to kick your skinny ass out of SecondLife.”

“You can knock off the tough cop act with me,” I said to Harry. “This isn’t some noir 50’s flick, you’re just some asshole on the net doing a lousy job of pretend-cop.”

Harry walked up to me and got right into my cyber-face. “This is the last warning I’m giving you—keep fucking with us and we’ll make you sorry you was born.”

I backed away from Harry. This person was obviously cyber-nuts and it was time to fire off a complaint to SecondLife. Or was it? I began to mull it over.

Why leave when SecondLife was just getting interesting?

by Luscious P
[image: Luscious P]

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