Hillary Clinton: Will Astrology Predict a Presidential Win?

From several astrologers we’ve put together a compilation of different astrological “readings” and forecasts for Hillary Clinton.

Astrology has been in existence since before astronomy. Both Copernicus and Galileo were astrologers. We wanted to see if the astrologers found any “signs” that Hillary might be our next 2008 President or if something in her chart may have an “adverse” effect. Whether Hillary’s planets, trines, squares, or rising sign, ect., match up to the Hillary we know.

Hillary Clinton – Scorpio

Jeff Jawer from Zodiac Central writes about Hillary’s ‘strength’ and unwillingness to “reveal more of herself” to others:

Competence, not cuddliness, is Hillary’s strength. Her Mercury squares serious Saturn, indicating a steel trap mind that carefully calculates every statement before speaking. This mental power is helpful for analyzing and solving difficult problems, but reduces spontaneity. Venus, the planet of love, is also square Saturn in her chart, representing a romantic pattern based more on security than stimulation. And even though her Mars, the planet of action, is in outgoing Leo (Bill’s Sun sign), its close conjunction with controlling Pluto and Saturn buries its youthful exuberance under the weight of responsibility and self-control. The proximity of punishing Pluto and Saturn to Mars often can leave her feeling that there is no room for mistakes, adding to an image of rigidity. Still, Hillary’s Pisces Moon forms a harmonious 120-degree trine with generous Jupiter, reflecting idealism and optimism flowing through the seams of her tightly monitored personality. The irony may be that her biggest mistake in courting voters is her unwillingness to reveal more of herself. Source – Zodiac Central

From Starig:

This “other side” of her nature is expressed through the characteristics of her Scorpio planets (Hillary has her Sun, Chiron, Venus, Mercury and South Node in Scorpio), coupled with Mars (energy) and Pluto (power) exactly conjunct in Leo. Her inner power (Scorpio) is nuclear—her core-self (Sun) is never touched by externals, thus she will never lose her soul and will.

While Mars has to do with drawing boundaries and definition around identity, Pluto is about absolute power—raw, unformed and amoral. These two planets, coupled with Saturn, show a dogged, furious rage to live her life to the fullest and overthrow adversaries of all kinds.

The past years as First Lady have been a litmus test of her inner strength and public power and a proving ground, as if she has been in an apprenticeship. The real test now comes during these last seven months toward the election in November, and beyond. The transits of Saturn and Uranus in the sky are forcing a confrontation within herself to hone her obvious determination and strength (this is the positive side of her Venus and Mercury in square to Mars, Saturn and Pluto). She will find reason to examine her values, based on her own personal truth, and come out of this period clearly with her own goals well defined.

From Astrofuturetrends:

The composite mid-Pisces Moon opposes a stellium of five planets in Virgo. The composite Moon signifies the emotional connection a candidate is able to establish with the country. Composite Uranus completes the picture with its square of the Virgo-Pisces axis. Significantly, Clinton’s composite Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is squared by Uranus, showing the candidate’s potential for disrupting the status quo.

Transits affect a composite chart just like a natal chart. On election day, 2008, there will be an opposition between Saturn and Uranus. The election day Saturn-Uranus opposition will be hitting the Clinton/U.S. composite Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and squaring the composite Uranus. Because the election will be decided on Saturnine issues of security and Uranus represents radical change, it is entirely possible that Hillary Clinton could be elected president in 2008.

From cluboda:

My opinion is that Hillary Clinton will have a tough presidential campaign and I’m not very sure that it will be a success. Whenever the opposition Moon-Neptune is activated by progression or transit she is under ‘illusion of winning’ influence. I think that her chance it will be the experience and the wisdom gained until now. And this experience should make her think twice before taking decisions. Also she should pay attention to her husband advices: Bill’s Mercury is conjunct with Hillary natal Mars – he can guide her actions and also to provide excellent ideas.

Starting with March 2008 things on Hillary campaign will not be so good. The Moon will progress into Cancer and start forming the opposition with natal Moon/Neptune. Also Pluto is transiting on that period of time the natal position of Juno. And Juno in transit is making its return and start moving backwards…retrograde.

From Raymond at Google Group’s Astrology:

I looked at Hillary Clinton’s transits for election day 2008,and they
just don’t seem to be nice, fortunate transits for somebody to win the
If using 8 pm as birthtime which I read is highly questionable
Transiting Pluto square her Moon and oppose her Ascendant/conjunct
(emotional upheavals,feeling devastated..especially regards to
relationships with others)
Transiting Neptune in Leo squaring her Mercury-South Node conjunction
in Scorpio and opposing her Saturn in Taurus for a t-square
(That has to be a great challenge for her,seems like a major
disappointment, communication issues,even bad news….with it being
fixed,it can indicate that she is hard to budge,and may not waver
during controversies,scandals,and debates)
Transiting Mars conjunct South Node
Transiting South Node conjunct Mars
(double whammy transit…has to be significant)
(it could be actions that are coming back to haunt her)
I doubt that she will be elected president based on these transits
even without the 8 pm birthtime, she still has that fixed t-square
transit as well as the double whammy Mars-South Node conjunctions.

We found the Daily Horoscope for Hillary on Election Day, November 4th, 2008. Excerpts from the site, The Strange House:

Sun Square Mars applying (power strains action)
Stubbornness and anger interfere with achievement. Use the delicate art of compromise or risk a needless clash of egos.

Neptune Square Mercury applying (impression strains expression)
Your communicative and reasoning abilities may go awry now. Delay important decisions, especially in business, until this influence passes. Avoid obsession with singular thoughts and do your best to concentrate. Above all, be honest.

Moon Square Sun applying (emotion strains power)
Your emotions interfere in working and getting along with others. Avoid stubbornness.

Sun Square Pluto applying (power strains change)
Proceed with extreme caution. Avoid bullying others or being bullied. Do not fight a group’s will. Think long and hard before confronting authority.

Pluto Square Moon separating (change strains emotion)
Your emotional and domestic life may be disruptive. Be honest with yourself. Are you behaving like an adult? Why do you want power over others? What can you do make your life better? Face your fears or be doomed to their control. Don’t play emotional mind games.
Source – The Strangehouse

There you have it, none of the astrologers predicted Hillary’s “stunning” Comeback Kid win. With transits of Saturn and Uranus, an “opposition between Saturn and Uranus”, opposition Moon-Neptune, Juno “moving backwards” and other various planetary sundries, no one is predicting it’s a “sure thing” Hillary will win on Nov. 4th.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the Republican New Hampshire winner, John McCain’s astrological forecast.

Image [Vedicastrovision]


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