Maureen Dowd’s "Can Hillary Cry" Story Brings Tear to the Eye

There are times the eyes tend to get misty.

Bill Mazeroski winning the 1960 World Series with a walk-off homer in the ninth; Franco Harris catching the Immaculate Reception and agreeing with a Maureen Dowd column: things that only happen once in a lifetime.

Having seen films of the first two events, one knew that they had happened. They were possible, if only once in a lifetime.

The third improbable occurrence, agreement with something that the New York Times Dragon Lady had penned, just happened.

Dowd’s “Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?” is a more incredible undertaking than the other two.

You see, the first two incidents took place when the principle actors involved were trying to bring about history.

MoDo could hardly have been aware that she was trying to do the impossible.

But she did and we’re not one to stint on praise. But first, a sampling.

When I walked into the office Monday, people were clustering around a computer to watch what they thought they would never see: Hillary Clinton with the unmistakable look of tears in her eyes.

A woman gazing at the screen was grimacing, saying it was bad. Three guys watched it over and over, drawn to the “humanized” Hillary. One reporter who covers security issues cringed. “We are at war,” he said. “Is this how she’ll talk to Kim Jong-il?”

Another reporter joked: “That crying really seemed genuine. I’ll bet she spent hours thinking about it beforehand.” He added dryly: “Crying doesn’t usually work in campaigns. Only in relationships.”

Bill Clinton was known for biting his lip, but here was Hillary doing the Muskie. Certainly it was impressive that she could choke up and stay on message.


It was a peculiar tactic. Here she was attacking Obama for spreading gauzy emotion by spreading gauzy emotion.”

It’s enough to make one choke up.

Dowd ends on an observant note.

At her victory party, Hillary was like the heroine of a Lifetime movie, a woman in peril who manages to triumph. Saying that her heart was full, she sounded the feminist anthem: “I found my own voice.”

If ever we run into Mo, she’ll now be the recipient of a beer.

And that’s enough to make one cry.

by Mondoreb
[images: e-graphic;
Source: Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


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