Fred Thompson: Wyoming RTL Endorsement A Pleasant Day-After Iowa Reminder


Encouraging news the day after Iowa should remind the Thompson campaign that grassroots organizations are just now thinking politics.

Today Fred Thompson announced the endorsement of Right to Life of Wyoming.

“We’re proud to endorse Senator Thompson for president because he has a long track record of supporting pro-life principles,” stated Steven Ertelt, President of Right to Life of Wyoming.

“Senator Thompson had a 100% pro-life voting record during his tenure in Congress. Today, he supports overturning the Roe v Wade decision which allowed for unlimited abortions, he opposes euthanasia, and he opposes forcing taxpayers to fund scientific research that requires the destruction of human life.”

Right to Life of Wyoming (RTLW) is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee which has endorsed Senator Thompson for President, along with 13 other state affiliates.

“I’m blessed and honored to have the endorsement of the Right to Life of Wyoming for President of the United States,” said Senator Thompson. “Thirteen right to life organizations from coast to coast have voted to endorse my candidacy, and more likely will, because they know I have stood with them yesterday, I stand with them today, and will stand with them tomorrow.

“They know I have the ability to win this election. They know I believe in the sanctity of life and as President I will do all that I can do to protect life.”

As a campaign spokesman declared, “Fred Thompson is pro-life. He believes in the sanctity of human life and that every life is worthy of respect.”

As stated by the Wyoming RTL chair, Erteld, Thompson’s had a 100% pro-life voting record in the Senate and believes Roe v. Wade was a bad decision that ought to be overturned.

He consistently opposed federal funding to promote or pay for abortion and supported the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, the Child Custody Protection Act, and President Reagan’s Mexico City policy. While Fred Thompson supports adult stem cell research, he opposes embryonic stem cell research. He also opposes human cloning.

Huckabee’s Conservative Credentials Not Impressive

Senator Thompson is not the prime headline maker the day after Iowa; that title would be for present press darling, Mike Huckabee.

As DBKP has pointed out on numerous occasions, however:

What the Mainstream Media giveth, the Mainstream Media can taketh away“.

Especially, if what they giveth goes to a conservative.

Huckabee’s conservative credentials can–and have–been questioned. But, to the press, the perception is more important than reality. To the press, Mike Huckabee is a conservative.

Expect, MUCH closer press scrutiny for Huckabee over the coming weeks, as the MSM plays its own version of Whack-A-Pol, Republican-style.

Some Candidates Started Campaigning Over a Year Ago

Thompson’s campaign got a late start nationally and in Iowa. The decision to even have Fred Thompson campaign in Iowa came late in the day, politically-speaking.

It should be pointed out that organizations such as Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Mitt Romney spent millions of dollars and many, many months preparing for yesterday’s Iowa caucuses.

John Edwards, who has been actively campaigning in Iowa for over year received 30% –about 45,000 votes, or about 100 people a day for every day the Poverty Crusader has been working the Hawkeye State.

Hillary Clinton received almost 30%–and though her organization has spent a little less time, it’s probably spent more money than Edwards.

Mitt Romney gained 25% of the Republican votes–somewhere between 12-13,000. It’s been estimated that it cost Romney somewhere between $8-900 per vote in Iowa.

Fred Thompson, even with his late start and conservative campaign spending, only fell 5-6000 votes behind Romney.

That would have to be encouraging to the Thompson campaign.

Many Americans are Just Now Thinking About National Elections

The Thompson campaign continues to line up support–all across America by Right to Life, as well as other conservative groups.

Yesterday was the first step in a long campaign. Unlike candidates, a lot of people were not thinking politics in 2007 and early in 2008.

For some, it will be months before they seriously think about the presidential elections. Unlike pundits and the press, more important things occupy their time right now: paying bills and chauffeuring kids to ballgames.

The Wyoming endorsement is a reminder that there many conservative grassroots organizations all over the country that are just now declaring their support for a particular candidate.

And one suspects that Fred Thompson is going to be the beneficiary of many of those upcoming endorsements.

by Mondoreb
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* Fred Thompson Announces Endorsement by Wyoming Right to Life


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