Miami Vice: Miami Beach Cop Caught in Slutty YouTube Video

A Miami Beach cop gone wild.

Officer Eduardo Macias starred in his own version of Miami Vice.

A beach cop in Miami is being investigated after a music video popped up on YouTube showing a scantily clad dancing woman at a bar simulating oral sex on a uniformed Miami Beach police officer.

Internal affairs is investigating the incident now.

The video was posted by a user named ”Caselord” in late November.

The internal affairs bureau has been aware of the video for about a week, Detective Juan Sanchez, a spokesman, said on Wednesday.

Officer Elpidio Garcia, 35, remains on patrol on Miami Beach.

The two-minute, 12-second video shows a party scene at an unknown outdoor Miami Beach bar, set to a thumping electronic beat.

Early in the video, the burly, bald officer is shown surrounded by three dancing women. Throughout the video, a woman in a plaid skirt can be seen dancing and lifting up her shirt.

Toward the end of the video, she is seen dancing — and then simulating oral sex — on Garcia, who is standing next to a sidewalk drinking from a large water bottle. It was unclear whether the officer was providing off-duty security for the bar.

This is the second Youtube video to surface in recent months that show a uniformed Miami Beach police officer in a party scene.

In October, a video was posted that allegedly showed disgraced Officer Eduardo Macias at a bar surrounded by cheering revelers.

Macias is facing trial on official misconduct charges after he allegedly tried dating a woman he had fondled while transporting to the police station. He has pleaded not guilty.

[WARNING: Graphic in nature. And though some of you will be happy at that, the warning is still appropriate.]

What happens in South Beach doesn’t stay in South Beach.

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn
[image: innerbabe]
Source: Miami Beach Cop Investigated Over Bawdy Video


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