John Edwards: The Man Who Would be Parodied

How does a clean-cut, inspiring, well-spoken highly-educated man become the subject of parody-mongers? The ex-Senator from North Carolina seems to have caught the attention of both homegrown and professional satirists and purveyors of parody.

Parody-mongers are breed apart. No one is sacred, not even such venerable subjects as the Pope, Jesus, Ghandi or John Edwards.

We took a trip across the web and gathered many examples. We put together an exhibition of just one subject, the hapless John Edwards.

We reconsidered.

We thought this in bad taste. We decided to take the high road. Here’s the parodies we would have shown you had we elected to show the parodies we were going to show you.

To see John go, click on image

John Edwards —- Damien Thorn

Christmas time at the Edwards campaign from RidesAPaleHorse

If you have any parodies in your “used parody/photoshop box”, send them in to us. We are thinking of not showing you parodies of other candidates in the coming days.

By Little Baby Ginn


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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