Democrat Presidential Candidates: 2008 Astrology Predictions

We’ve put together some astrological predictions for the Democrat front runners of the 2008 Race. Enjoy!

Source – e-tarochhi

Barack Obama

From Astromarkt:

He would have a Moon trine Jupiter, being born at 14:02. Moon trine Jupiter is very helpful on the way to the White House. Strategical thinking is a must for American presidents. His Saturn is 157.5 degrees away from the midpoint Mercury/Pluto. There are a number of indications for success:

Sun square Jupiter/Uranus
Mars semi square Sun/Mercury and Sun/Jupiter
Jupiter sesqui square Mars/Pluto
Pluto semi square Sun/Venus
Nodes square Mars/Jupiter

My conclusion (not knowing his HOB!) is that he is first of all a creative (fire and earth dominating) diplomat (Venus most prominent), who could be a (too) idealistic leader. Neptune is the drug planet and Obama has used all kinds of drugs in his teenage years and he quit smoking when he announced his candidacy. Neptune is also the planet of beliefs. As a grown up Obama had himself baptized in the Trinity United Church of Christ. Both his parents are not religious. That is another statement of the 14:02. In that case Uranus is in the ninth, convertion, change of religion.

Hillary Clinton

From Astrofuturetrends:

The composite mid-Pisces Moon opposes a stellium of five planets in Virgo. The composite Moon signifies the emotional connection a candidate is able to establish with the country. Composite Uranus completes the picture with its square of the Virgo-Pisces axis. Significantly, Clinton’s composite Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is squared by Uranus, showing the candidate’s potential for disrupting the status quo.

Transits affect a composite chart just like a natal chart. On election day, 2008, there will be an opposition between Saturn and Uranus. The election day Saturn-Uranus opposition will be hitting the Clinton/U.S. composite Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and squaring the composite Uranus. Because the election will be decided on Saturnine issues of security and Uranus represents radical change, it is entirely possible that Hillary Clinton could be elected president in 2008.

Image – Edwards Chart – Astrodata Bank

John Edwards

…A challenging T-square in the chart of John Edwards may help to explain what drives him relentlessly towards the Presidency. Saturn and Neptune are conjunct in his chart in the fourth house, a configuration that combines the desire of Saturn to create form and achieve success with the urge of Neptune to dissolve form and withdraw into the world of spirit. There is a deep inner conflict here that is made stronger by the fact that both planets are retrograde and therefore operate at a more internal level. When Saturn is retrograde in a birthchart it also shows an individual who is self-critical and feels a lack of self-worth on a deep level. Ultimately the goal of this conjunction is to successfully unite the energy of the two planets by giving form to our dreams and ideals rather than dividing in conflict between these two directions…

…Transiting Pluto opposed Edwards’s Sun back in 2003 and 2004 as he sought the Presidency and blocked (opposition) his reach for power (Sun/Pluto). Pluto is just beginning another cycle, this time opposing his Mars. Over the next year Edwards will face challenges to his ambitions as Pluto blocks his drive and ambition (Mars). However, other planetary influences are favorable for him, and perhaps this could be a time when he is able to achieve enough balance in his life to stabilize him and give him the persistence he will need to face another presidential campaign. Source – Astrofuturetrends

While we do not consider astrology to be “scientific” we do find it interesting to read the different aspects of each candidate.

Next up: The lower tier candidates, Kucinich and Richardson.

Image [aucdigest]
Please note: All references, links, and graphics from Political Astrology, Neptune Cafe, or Newscope have been removed per the author’s request. 1-18-08


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