Canada: Hockey, Maple Leafs and Thought Police

Canada’s Thought Police by Red Planet Cartoons

Red Planet Cartoons has an excellent backstory on the Mark Steyn Vs. the Canadian Thought Police.

It relates the story of Steyn, author of #1 best-seller America Alone and five Muslim law-school students who utilize the one Western idea radical Muslims seem to embrace: the lawsuit.
[Note: I saw the “one Western idea radical muslims embrace” phrase somewhere the last few weeks and can’t remember where.]

That a government agency would even hear this case is evidence of the grip that Political Correctness has on the Great White North, at least the portion that resides in Ottawa.

Read “Canada’s Thought Police” at Red Planet Cartoons. And if you haven’t already, read America Alone by Mark Steyn.

Then you’ll better understand why elements of radical Islam, including law students north of the border, feel it necessary to shut up Mark Steyn.

As well as those who agree with him.

by Mondoreb
[image: redplanetcartoons]
Source: Canada’s Thought Police


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


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