DBKP Christmas Day 2007 Map

ADD your name and location to our Christmas Day 2007 Map!

We saw this map while we reading over at Barbara’s TCHATZKAHS. After checking it out and how easily it worked, we thought we’d put one up here for Christmas Day 2007.

It made us think about how we were busy in detention the day yearbooks came out back in High School.

We never had the thrill of someone signing “Never change!” or “You’re crazy!” But, we heard that enough of all that from Mr. Bonar in Detention. But still, thinking about not ever having a yearbook signed made us want a map for Christmas Day 2007.

That–and the cable’s out.

So, we’re taking it all over to the normal places we go in a day: digg, tagsum, thoof, freedom and the rest.

Stop and put up your nickname/handle/avatar/persona/alias. Takes but a second.

Don’t want to put your locations in because you’re scared some DBKP nutcase will find Rocky from Chicago someday? Pick a nearby zip code or city or state.

Fifty years from now, we’ll be huddling around the campfire and get out our Christmas Map 2007. and point and say things like:

“Hey, remember that crazy serial-killer chick from Toledo, OH who signed up in 2007?”


“Wow! Remember how I met Rosie from that Christmas Map 2007.”

“Who’s Rosie?”

“She was that hot girl I used to date from Mobile, AL.”

“Man, you dated her?!? Rosie? No way!”

“Well…Okay…but I DID stalk her for a couple months.”

Then, we’ll all have a good laugh.

Well, the ones of us who survived, anyhow.


by Mondoreb


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


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