John Edwards Love Child Scandal: Source Too Tainted for MSM?

National Enquirer not part of the MSM Brotherhood

What is a politician to do?

Let’s say you’ve gotten involved with a former associate on your campaign. For example, someone, oh say, that’s produced campaign videos for your cause.

And let’s continue, for the sake of argument, that you and this comely lass got caught up in the moment and magic happened.

An untidy pregnancy resulted, and even though your position on the campaign trail favors abortion on demand, in your private life, you have children.

Or perhaps, the mother wanted a reminder of the good times.

Again, what’s a candidate to do?

Hypothetically, if you were someone running for office and you had a unseemly scandal you wanted to hide in plain sight, here’s a solution that’s guaranteed to succeed.

Hand it over the Enquirer, let them publish it. Sit back and watch the MSM ignore it until it dies on the vine.

Not all stories come wrapped in pretty bows, some come by way of less than “ethical” standards, at least in the minds of mainstream journalists in regards to the National Enquirer.

The National Enquirer is a tabloid whose stories run the gamut from celebrity gossip to political scandals. A step up from the tabloids which scream tales of 500 pd women giving birth to alien babies or yet another sighting of Bigfoot.

The Enquirer has had its moments, much to the chagrin of the intrepid MSM. Stories such as Pardongate, Jesse Jackson’s love child, Gary Hart’s Monkey Business and Monica Lewinsky’s semen stained dark blue polka dot dress came from the colorful pages of the supermarket rag. Not only did the Enquirer break these stories to the public but each story revealed a dark side to these politicians that were less than sterling, a side which pertained to their character. They got caught with their pants down or with less than ethical reasons for granting pardons.

All these stories were initially treated as pariahs or put into the same category as Bigfoot or flying saucers because they were broken by the Enquirer but in the end the stories were true.

The same scenario is being played out once again. The Enquirer has broken a story of John Edward’s “alleged” love child. The MSM is silent. If the story about Edwards is true and the MSM remains silent then this story will have been out there, in plain sight, and then died on the media vine.

We’re not maintaining the story about Edwards and his “love child” is true but how we will ever know? The MSM has decided the story, since it originated from the National Enquirer, is untouchable and therefore, no effort will be made to verify its veracity.

Tainted by the fruit of the poisoned tabloid.

By Little Baby Ginn
notes: Mondoreb
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