2008 Candidates Square Off in Thrilling Aerial Battle in the Skies Above Iowa

A DBKP World Exclusive!

Hillary Vs. Ron Paul

Clinton Claims Control of the Skies

The 2008 Presidential campaign turned violent yesterday when candidates clashed in the skies above Iowa. History was made and you are there!

Crack DBKP photographer RidesAPaleHorse
happened to be there and files these pictures.

The Ron Paul Blimp got the first shot in this thrilling battle above the rooftops of Des Moines.

The aerial forces of former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, wasted no time in striking back at the sitting duck that the Paul airship had become. The Hill-A-Copter scores a direct hit and the blimp never got another chance.

Hillary celebrates the victory by her heavier-than-air forces in this DBKP World Exclusive!

Other candidates may think twice before tackling HRC above ground.

The Clinton campaign was quick to claim their candidate’s “experience” as the deciding factor in victory.

A HRC campaign spokesman also stated that “no cocaine was involved” in the aerial duel.

As one observer put it, “Paul’s Blimp was done in by a stunning display of “Bitchkrieg”.


Graphics by RidesAPaleHorse

by Mondoreb
Source: Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Hill-A-Copter!


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