Fruitcake Re-cyclers: Finally, Someone Who Understands

We came across this website while doing research on fruitcake.

Fruitcake Recylers

Did you ever get an unwanted fruitcake gift?
We may be able to help find a loving casket and bury it!
If needed, we may even help you put it out of it misery, and cremate it!
We may even find volunteers who would welcome your unadultered fruitcake into their homes and consume it!
Loving fruitcake is our missions and service.
Know we will respect your fruitcake and provide the final eulogy at it’s demise.
We Stop the cycle of passing on the Fruitcakes that are no longer loved.
We send you a “Certificate of Re-cycling.”

Gagnon’s Love Hate relationship with fruitcake; We will help you! FruitCake Re-cyclers 847-395-3024

Kudos to Gagnon for reaching out a helping hand to those traumatized by Fruitcake givers.

We salute you, Gagnon.

By Little Baby Ginn
Source – Fruitcake Recyclers
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