Ahead of the Crowd: Pixelaneous 22

13 New Ideas From Japan

Japan continues to lead the way in innovation. The home of the robot pet and anime cartoons, The Land of the Rising Sun keeps churning out devices to make life easier. We’ve gathered 13–a baker’s dozen–of them together for you today.

Coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you.

The noodle-eating hair guard

Someone to hold you tight, while you sleep at night

For when the rug gets away from the rug rats

You need never fear the rain again

Swiss gardening tool

For when you can’t hold your up on that long ride home

If the Wicked Witch had had one, Dorothy would have been in trouble

When you’re in too big a hurry to blow

Ingenious commuter sleep aid

Soothing goggles relieve stress on the run

Control freaks rejoice; knife makers work out counter strategy

Hay fever sufferers have a new weapon in the battle against the runny nose

Environmentally friendly!

That’s it for Pixelaneous #22: Ahead of the Crowd.
Pixelaneous 21: Don’t Blink! 12 Things Too Fast to See

by Mondoreb
Source: Freshpics
[hat tip: Kelley email]


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