Peyote: Psychedelic Dreams to End?

The magical peyote button has been undone by supply and demand. Foreign tourists, or peyoteros, seeking that special kind of “mystical” high have been blamed for outstripping the peyote’s ability to survive but other factors have come in to play.

Once a year, the Huichol Indians make a 300-mile pilgrimage from their villages in the mountains of Nayarit, Durango and Jalisco states to the high desert of San Luis Potosi, where the tiny cactus grows in the shade of thorny shrubs.

As they walk through the desert toward their holy mountain, towering above the mining town of Real de Catorce, they run into foreign tourists with stupefied smiles, sucking hallucinogenic juice from the revered plant.

Consuming peyote is legal in San Luis Potosi, a curious loophole that for decades has drawn thousands of druggies to the desert. As long as no one tries to take the cactus home – that would be trafficking and could lead to 10 years or more in prison – they’re free to make as many psychedelic trips as they want.[1]

Peyote has become yet another endangered species, the lowly little cactus button, sitting under the desert sun, 30 years until it’s full grown. Perhaps those who can no longer seek out the peyote high can turn to the little Bufo alvarius, or Psychedelic Toad.

That’s if one’s dumb enough to lick a toad.

Homer Simpson dumb.

Nuff said.

by Little Baby Ginn
Image []
Source – – Mexico peyote site suffers onslaught of tourists, mining


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One response to “Peyote: Psychedelic Dreams to End?

  1. The Bufo frog’s venom actually contains DMT, a powerful tryptamine. Although the toad is not actually licked, it still holds psychedelic properties.

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