Caution! Drug Smugglers Working: 2400-Foot Tunnel Discovered

Drug tunnel discovered not quite this large

South of the border and the living is easy. And the drug tunnels keep getting larger.

A story highlighting that drug smugglers are, at heart, entrepreneurs.

The entrance to a drug tunnel discovered yesterday in Tecate is in an office building about a block south of the border.

Although Mexican authorities were not releasing any details Tuesday morning, they did allow reporters to go into the tunnel, which has its U.S. exit in a large storage container about a quarter mile northwest of the Tecate border crossing. The entire tunnel is not passable because water has collected in it.

Drug smugglers often have access to large amounts of money, but it sounds like they’ve got a few engineers and geologists on their payroll now.

The tunnel, which passes under homes and businesses in Mexico, is carved through earth and rock and has what looks like electrical and drainage systems.

“This tunnel has similarities with the one found in 2006, such as the size, the dimensions, the pumping and lighting systems, but we haven’t estimated the length yet,” said Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The tunnel found last year measured about 2,400 feet, and authorities say it’s the longest they have ever discovered. It was a sophisticated passage between Tijuana and Otay Mesa, and officials said drugs probably had been moved through it for several months.

2400 feet is almost a half-mile long–where was the dirt moved deposited? Drug smugglers apparently have an excavating capability now that’s pretty impressive.

Blankets were scattered around the room where the Tecate tunnel entrance was found. Half-eaten food was in the room, along with a television and several pairs of boots. Several wheelbarrows were in the tunnel itself.

Sounds like a couple of lunchrooms we’ve been in.

Like all good tunnel builders, perhaps the smugglers collected tolls.

by Mondoreb
note: Little Baby Ginn

Inside the Drug-Smugglers’ Tunnel


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